Temporary Engineers in Vancouver: Last Minute Staffing Solutions for 2022

We are whittling our way down to the final days of 2021, and with that often come’s the need for vacation time or sick leave coverage in 2022. Which creates an added demand for temporary engineers in Vancouver as an essential service.

TFM can happily provide our Lower Mainland community with last minute staffing solutions, delivering both engineers and building operators as needed.

Temporary Engineers in Vancouver


If your industry requires more hands on deck to finish off 2021 strong – TFM Consultants can help. Our Temporary Power Engineers & Building Operators are well-trained and ready to be placed where needed.

Not only do temporary employees give industries across the Lower Mainland the added help they need on short notice, it also allows you to see some great talent at work.

Our engineer graduates at TFM, are trained to provide excellent service within the class of power engineering they have graduated from. This includes…

The Benefits of Last Minute Staffing Solutions

There are various benefits to filling in the missing gaps of staffing shortages in Vancouver.

Some of these such benefits include…

  1. Adequate Staffing Levels
  2. Balanced Employee Numbers to Project Needs
  3. Cost Savings Over Hiring Permanent Employees
  4. Time Savings Over Vetting Potential F/T Employees
  5. Reducing Hiring Risks

Hiring Temporary Operators or engineers through TFM provides you with 24/7 availability. Our short term employees are available to work as many hours as you need per employment standards, with a minimum 4-hour call out and an hourly rate for regular time of $45/hour.

If your company could benefit from our Temporary Engineers in Vancouver – feel free to fill in this form and one of our staff members will follow up to help with all your last minute staffing solutions for the new year ahead.

At TFM – we pride ourselves on quality teaching and the outcome that provides for the trainees we send out into the community. Which was one of the reasons we were recently given the Canadian Business Review Board Award – and thrilled to be honoured in such a way!