Thank You from TFM: Proud to Receive the Canadian Business Review Board Award!

This past Friday, December 3, 2021 – TFM was honoured to receive the Canadian Business Review Board Award, which included the following mentions…

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Business Leadership
  • Outstanding Service
  • Strong Vision

We couldn’t be more proud of our leadership team for collectively leading us in all areas of the above. As well, we are humbled to be part of a local community that has entrusted us with their training year after year, turning career advancement into a team effort we are grateful to be a part of!

The Growth & Leadership of TFM

Whether offering our Vancouver community Temporary Staff options in the area of 4th and 5th class power engineers or building operators, TFM has grown our company to provide businesses industry solutions across the Lower Mainland.

Over the past 2-decades and counting, TFM Consultants International has trained hundreds of facility technicians. From 5th Class Boiler and Refrigeration operators, through to 1st Class Power Engineers. Our accredited programs are recognized industry-wide for being the best in Canada, and our recent award reflects that!

Our Instructors make the TFM experience what it is. Both with their teaching style, that hits home with trainees, as well as being able to relate to them in the field – providing decades of collective experience.

Throughout the ever-changing dynamics of Covid-19, TFM was also able to facilitate online courses. This pivot ensured we could keep our training programs active for those who were seeking to continue their education from home, and turn their training into effective essential workers locally and across Canada.

Local Pride, Canada-Wide

As mentioned on our ‘Proudly Local’ blog post

…TFM is comprised of a group of power engineering specialists and facilities management consultants. These individuals offer many years of real-time field and management experience in plant operations, including – pulp mills, petrochemical industry, forest industry and large building facilities throughout Canada.

…Founded in 1997 by Lou Roussinos, TFM Consultants International Ltd has been providing outstanding service for 24 years. We have recently expanded by opening the TFM Learning Centre to better serve our clients, with many more plans for future expansion to serve our community.

At TFM, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be part of our local Langley community, as well as serve Canada at large. Once again – we thank YOU for helping give us a platform from which to train, equip and accomplish great things alongside you!

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