Proud to Be Local: Meet the TFM Team!

Communities across North America, especially, have come to realize the importance of supporting their local community – which includes local businesses. Not only does this feed back into our immediate economy, but it also makes a real-time difference in the lives of families, friends and neighbours who are working within local industries vs. big-box businesses.

Now more than ever, our support for local matters, and TFM is exceedingly proud to be local. We employ a team who cares about their community, with a clear focus on the education and improved livelihoods of those they educate.

Allow us to introduce you – to us!

Who Are We …TFM is comprised of a group of power engineering specialists and facilities management consultants. These individuals offer many years of real-time field and management experience in plant operations, including – pulp mills, petrochemical industry, forest industry and large building facilities throughout Canada.

When Did We Begin …Founded in 1997 by Lou Roussinos, TFM Consultants International Ltd has been providing outstanding service for 24 years. We have recently expanded by opening the TFM Learning Centre to better serve our clients, with many more plans for future expansion to serve our community.

What Do We Teach …TFM trains facility technicians from 5th Class Boiler and Refrigeration Operators through 1st Class Power Engineers. Our accredited programs are recognized industry wide for being the best in Canada.

Where Are We Located ….Our programs are held at our fully equipped training facility at 20167 96 Avenue #206, Langley BC, as well as online during COvid-19 safety protocols. In addition, we can bring refrigeration and power engineer training and other custom training tailored to your facility.

Who Are Our Team Members…

Mr. Lou Roussinos, PE who remains as President of our new organization has over 40 years of combined operational, supervisory and managerial roles within the boiler and pressure vessel industry, in the field of Power Engineering and as a consultant in the private sector.

  • First class power engineering certificate
  • Diploma in Marine engineering
  • Holder of a National Board of boiler and pressure vessel inspectors commission
  • Commission endorsements in the Fabrication of boilers and pressure vessels and nuclear inspections
  • Former Manager of Operation for British Columbia Boiler Safety Engineering Services Division.
  • Represented British Columbia as Chief Boiler Inspector at the National Board of Boiler Inspectors
  • Past President of the Institute of Power Engineers Vancouver BC Canada

Mr. Mike Garcia, PE is the CEO of TFM and represents the new generation of consulting power engineers.

Mike began his career in power engineering and facility management in 2002, and now is regarded as a leading specialist and dynamic educator in power engineering and facility management. He now leads workshops and produces services in boiler and power plant operations, large facilities operations, pulp mills, manufacturing, agri-foods, mining, petrochemicals and the forest industry across BC and Canada.

Mr. Aaron Bailey, PE is the Professional Development Coordinator and has 10 years of industrial refrigeration experience. While at TFM, he has fully developed our work experience program and meets with our students on a daily basis to ensure they have the resources to become successful in their careers.

Mr. Colin Schwab, PE is the Senior Operations Manager. He has 10 years’ experience in the operations and maintenance of high-profile facilities and is responsible for our employment services department. Through his exceptional leadership he has led his department to multiple awards with their great service.

Mr. Allan R. Pringle, P. ENG, C. ENG, MI MECH E, Mr. Allan R. Pringle has extensive industry experience both here and abroad in mining operations and in refrigeration operations.

  • Former Director Elevating Devices Safety Program, British Columbia, Canada
  • Former Director Boiler Safety Program in British Columbia, Canada
  • Former Member of the Association of Chief Boiler Inspectors of Canada
  • Current Member of the Professional Engineers Association of B.C.

Mr. Ray Riopel, Mr. Ray Riopel has been involved in the HVAC air filtration industry since 1986. He is one of the principles of the BC Air Filter group of companies which includes BC Air Filter, Pacific Air Filter, and ROTO-Aire Distributors.
Mr. Riopel continues to be active in the industry and provides quality products and services to commercial, industrial, and institutional clients throughout B.C, and abroad.

  • Member National Air Filtration Association
  • NAFA CAFS certified
  • Member of the Board of Directors National Air Filtration Association

At TFM, we could not be more thrilled to be part of our local Langley community, serving the ‘Great North Strong and Free’ community of Canada at large. We look forward to 2021 being a fresh start for many, making lasting relationships while improving the livelihoods of those around us!