Furthering your refrigeration and boiler safety knowledge is easy with TFM’s monthly online and in-person seminars. Discover more about our seminars below!

Stay Safe, Stay Informed with TFM’s Seminars

Engineering is an essential field many decide to join as it offers stability, longevity and career growth opportunities. However, this longstanding industry has numerous moving parts and constantly changing regulations, standards, and requirements. That’s why employers must ensure their staff remains updated with their training. In addition, for those not yet established in the industry or looking for new positions, it’s vital that you are as up-to-date as possible on these changes.

In particular, safety plays a significant role in the engineering field, and the advantages of adhering to safety protocols and regulations are critical for your health and well-being and ensuring your company remains compliant and secure for all personnel. Ensuring people are safe and that your company complies with local and federal safety regulations is a small measure but an important one that must be addressed. Fortunately, TFM Consultants International is here to provide you with the most current knowledge through our one-day safety seminars in Langley, British Columbia. Below are further details on our seminars:

1-Day Boiler Safety Seminar

TFM’s one-day Boiler Safety Seminar provides basic knowledge of the safe operation of heating plants and the emergency procedures non-operating personnel need to follow. This seminar meets the criteria for the Boiler Basic Safety Awareness Certificate exam administered by Technical Safety BC; however, certification is not mandatory. This seminar has no prerequisites, and all are welcome to join. Spots are limited, so register early for TFM’s Boiler Safety Seminar! 

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1–Day Refrigeration Safety Seminar

TFM’s one-day Refrigeration Safety Seminar provides essential knowledge on the safe operation of refrigeration plants and the emergency procedures non-operating personnel must follow. Similar to TFM’s Boiler Safety Seminar, this course meets the criteria for the Technical Safety BC’s Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness Certificate; nonetheless, certification is not compulsory. Moreover, this seminar does not require any prerequisites and is open to anyone interested in attending. Capacity is limited, so register for TFM’s Refrigeration Safety Seminar today! 

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Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has been providing expert service and education. Our Langley training facility has highly experienced power engineering specialists and facility management consultants who are passionate about teaching and safety. Our seminars are available in person or online, so staying up to date on the latest safety regulations and procedures is easy! Contact TFM to learn more about our upcoming seminars.