The Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness course is designed to provide basic knowledge of the safe operation of Refrigeration Plants and emergency procedures to be followed by non-operating personnel. The course meets the criteria for the examination “Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness Certificate” as administered by TSBC.

There are no course prerequisites and anyone is welcome to attend. Certification is not mandatory.

Those requiring certification must arrange the examination at their local TSBC office by completing the required “application for examination” form and paying the required examination fees. For more information on TSBC examination dates and fees go to www.technicalsafetybc.ca

What will this seminar offer to your organization?

The Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness course provides the students with an overall look at refrigeration plant operation, and explains the requirements of the BC Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulations. This one-day seminar will prepare your staff to challenge the TSBC examination for certification and help improve the knowledge and skills of the plant non-operating employees so they are better prepared to respond to emergencies in your plant.

What will you learn?

The seminar is presented in an easy going manner and augmented with many examples, photos and videos and is intended to teach persons with little or no experience the basics of building HVAC and refrigeration systems plant theory, operation and plant safety. The Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness course provides students with information on potential refrigeration system problems areas, possible solutions, and procedures that should be followed in case of emergency or irregularities in a refrigeration plant operation.


To provide essential knowledge to a person who may be required to be in attendance of a refrigeration arena or process plant in a General Supervision Status or Risk Assessed Status Plant Operation.


  • Legislation and boiler industry history
  • Canadian Standards Association Code B52 – General discussion on the requirements of the Code
  • Types of refrigeration machines and systems
  • Description of typical refrigeration and HVAC system
  • System start-up and shut-down
  • Emergency shutdown of refrigeration machines and ancillary equipment
  • Signs and operating procedures
  • Duties and responsibilities of a Basic Safety Awareness Certificated person
  • Safe practices and safety equipment in a refrigeration plant
  • Fire protection equipment and classes of fires
  • Reports and record keeping, Log books and how to use them
  • Reporting of accidents or incidents in a plant
  • Duties and responsibilities of a Plant Safety Committee


8 Hours


This course is offered as a classroom course, as well as on-site at your location.


Attendees will complete a 50-question multiple choice type examination at the end of the Course.


A TFM Consultants International Ltd “Certificate of Completion” will be issued to all attendees.