Consulting Services

TFM Consultants International Ltd in Langley, B.C. provides holistic technical facility management services which are focused on the needs of our clients. Our expertise in facility and plant management cover a wide range industries across Canada which is vital to both your and our success while providing useful reports and recommendations.

We are a “third party” organization with no affiliations with any other company, that will report with full confidentiality on the status of your systems.

Plant Status Classification Audit Preparation

Applying to become a “General Supervision Status” or a “Risk Assessed Status Plant”? We can assist with all aspects of the process including: document review, collecting, and production. We will deal with Technical Safety BC on your behalf to ensure a positive outcome in a tight time frame. Please call us and set up a meeting to discuss your options.

Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Working Instructions training manuals

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Standard Work Instructions (SWI’s) provide a way to communicate and apply consistent operating standards and maintenance practices within your organization. Good procedures save time and minimize mistakes, reduce training costs, ensure consistent results, empower the workforce and support quality goals.

TFM have developed a comprehensive method to gather data on equipment and systems within your facility through thorough on-site walk-through reviews, informal staff interviews and review of equipment specifications, to produce customized SOP’s and SWI’s specific to your facility. These manuals are completed with step-by step instructions, pictures, video and training sign-off schedules.

In addition to being a key training and procedure verification platform for existing site staff, SOP and SWI manuals are an excellent tool for ensuring new and/ or transient staff have immediate access to key operating and maintenance instruction for each type of equipment in your facility.

Preventative Maintenance Program development for new or existing facilities

We know that starting up new facilities is often a daunting task, complicated by limited resources often stretched to capacity. TFM provide facility start-up consulting as well as creating, initializing and inputting Preventative Maintenance procedures to your CMMS software.

Existing facilities often are faced with an outdated or ineffective preventative maintenance program. TFM can assist with collecting and organizing all information while providing a plan that will meet the organization’s requirements while measuring its effectiveness.

Site Assessments & Technical Audits

TFM perform holistic site assessments and technical audit reports of your facility’s equipment and systems to establish current overall facility ‘health’. The report includes photographs, observations and a detailed list of recommended actions and measures to undertake. Proposed measures are identified on a priority basis ranging from high for projects requiring immediate attention, to low priority that can be planned for in the future.

Facility Projects Management

TFM provides facility project management services for projects identified in our initial site assessments and/ or from clients existing budgetary plans. Our full project management services include establishing and creating a scope of work and producing RFQ/ RFP documents to executing and managing the full scope of the project through to completion.

Facility Operational Budgets and Capital Planning

TFM will work with your operations staff to create operational budgets and long term capital plans for your facility. These plans can be added and incorporated into our Site Assessment reports or created on a stand-alone project basis.