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Address Intergenerational Knowledge Gaps with TFM’s Boiler Maintenance Training

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed industries across Canada, boiler operators have faced several challenges that have only been exacerbated post-pandemic. Recently, with a shortage of operators across the country, as previous generations have begun entering their retirement years, the incoming generation has been left with significant knowledge gaps that not only impact their ability to perform their duties properly but also potentially put the entire facility at risk.

The biggest challenge currently facing the industry has been the lack of written knowledge, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and other critical information regarding these complex boiler systems. Without this passing of knowledge down to the next generation, facilities face increased risks of system failures, reduction in efficiency and other costly issues. Fortunately, this is where TFM Consultants International can help. 

How We Can Help

At TFM Consultants International, our Boiler Operation and Maintenance training course is more than just safety training; it also ensures your employees understand your facility’s complex commercial, industrial and utility boiler systems. Through this boiler maintenance training, we will provide our students with comprehensive knowledge of boiler inspections, operating controls testing, and other general maintenance and troubleshooting techniques. That way, if or when something goes amuck with your boiler system, your boiler operator won’t have to scramble through sparse notes and SOPs to address the issue. Instead, through our boiler maintenance training program, your staff will be fully prepared to maximize the safety, dependability, and efficiency of your boiler systems while also promoting a culture of safe work practices. 

Key Areas of Focus

At TFM, we understand that your employees are regular working folks, meaning balancing work commitments, personal lives, and continuing education can be a significant challenge. That’s why our Boiler Operation and Maintenance program runs regularly from 8:30 am to 5 pm for two days or approximately 16 hours. In fact, all of our training courses are designed to align with the busy lives of working professionals. At the same time, the condensed format ensures that all participants can enhance their knowledge and skills without further disruption. 

Some of the key areas we address in this course include:

  • Boiler Water Testing
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Daily Inspections, Checks & Logbooks
  • Preventative Maintenance List and Schedules
  • Boiler Specifications
  • Boiler Identification
  • And More! 

With TFM Consultants International’s boiler maintenance training program, you can efficiently address knowledge gaps with your staff, making your facility and boiler systems safer. However, this course is not a replacement for proper SOPs. If your facility or building is experiencing knowledge deficiencies or issues regarding training, SOPs, and emergency procedures, TFM’s consulting services can address these more significant issues.

Don’t wait to reach out to our highly experienced team if your building requires a holistic overhaul of your facility management system. Get expert support today. 

Ready to Start Your Boiler Maintenance Training?

Whether you need to bridge the gap between the current and previous generations of boiler operators in your facility or are simply looking to enhance your education, TFM Consultants International is here to help!

Enroll in our Boiler Operations and Maintenance program today, or contact us to learn more about this course or our consulting services. Together, we can make your systems safer and more efficient.