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Increase Employability with Pump Operator and Maintenance Training

Whether already working in industrial environments or wanting to transition to this sector, making yourself a more valuable candidate to employers is essential for landing your dream role. Pump operator and maintenance training from TFM Consultants International is the perfect solution.

By completing this course, you will open the door to a host of new opportunities across Canada while simultaneously boosting your earning potential. Here’s how you can increase your employability with pump operator and maintenance training.

What does the Pump Operator and Maintenance Training course teach?

Here at TFM, our dedicated pump operator and maintenance training course is a two-day educational program designed to give technicians the relevant knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century. It can serve as the perfect refresher course for qualified technicians as well as the perfect certification for anyone who already has some experience with pumps but needs to develop more advanced skills and knowledge.

Students learn to master the field of pump repair, maintenance, and servicing through a combination of theoretical and practical elements. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that is recognized by most employers in Canada as further evidence of your technical expertise.

The course covers a range of specific issues, including;

  • Different pump designs, types, and parts as well as safe installation practices.
  • The causes of pump failure, troubleshooting techniques, and how technicians can restore them to full working condition. 
  • What to learn from specific pump faults and the steps that can be implemented to reduce future breakdowns.
  • How to efficiently complete inspections, component replacements, and related tasks.

From pump wiring and fluid mechanics to shift or laser alignment, students who pass the course will feel fully confident with all aspects of operating and maintaining pumps in all industrial settings. Better still, it enhances employability, too.

How does Pump Operator and Maintenance Training boost employability?

There is currently a shortage of skilled workers across many engineering roles like 5th-class power engineers. While there are plenty of pump operators and technicians in Canada, the demand for them is greater than ever. Therefore, pump operator and maintenance training is one of the best strings you could add to your bow. 

Pump operators are responsible for several key tasks from installations to monitoring pressure and temperature gauges or identifying quick solutions to potential abnormalities. With this in mind, a certified and competent technician adds a lot of value to the business by;

  • Ensuring that all pump systems utilize the latest features.
  • Preventing unscheduled downtime, thus saving valuable time and money for the business.
  • Maintaining optimized operational efficiency to promote smooth transfers of liquids, gases, and materials.
  • Keeping all workplaces safe for everyone.

Given the importance of pump systems in industrial, commercial, and municipal settings, many employers need to hire reliable technicians. By boasting relevant certifications, your employability will soar.

Boost employability with TFM

TFM is a leading provider of pump operator and maintenance training. Founded in 1997, our experienced power engineering specialists and facilities management consultants are perfectly equipped to help you skill up and prove your worth to potential employers. 

To learn more about our pump operator and maintenance training course and take the next step toward your next career move, get in touch today.