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Why the Shortage of 5th Class Power Engineers Means Greater Opportunity

Over the past few years, the demand for highly skilled power engineers has quickly grown across Canada. Both 4th and 5th Class Power Engineers, in particular, have been experiencing the most significant shortages, creating a great opportunity for people looking to upgrade their careers. 

At TFM Consultants International, we’ve seen firsthand how these shortages have impacted numerous industries. As an accredited power engineer training institute, we are here not only to help meet the demands of sectors needing power engineers but also to prepare our students for their future careers. Continue reading to learn more about why these shortages are happening and how this spells greater career opportunities for you! 

Why is There a Shortage of Power Engineers?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Canada, there has been an increase in the shortage of trained power engineers across the country, specifically significant shortages in the 4th and 5th class levels, as these plant classifications are the most common. In particular, expanding industries that rely on power engineers, such as mining, and an increase in the number of people retiring have been at the forefront of these shortages. As a result, the demand for power engineers in Canada has surged, with numerous job openings appearing daily. Fortunately, when shortages such as this happen, they create an excellent opportunity for people looking to start a new career; this is where TFM Consultants International can help. 

The Benefits of Being a 5th Class Power Engineer

Aside from the fact that 5th Class Power Engineers are in high demand right now, there are many other advantages to joining this career. For many of TFM’s former students, the biggest draw to becoming a 5th Class Power Engineer was the diversity and stability this field offers.

As a 5th Class Power Engineer you have the opportunity to work alongside many different industries such as mining, medical, sports/recreation, and more! From working in commercial facilities to industrial plants, 5th Class Power Engineering offers diversity in your working environment and numerous other opportunities for career advancement and long-term stability.

With opportunities to work across Canada, as long as you earn the proper certification, access to good wages and benefits, and a high demand for trained professionals, 5th Class Power Engineering is a solid career choice for anyone looking for a diverse yet stable career. 

The Training You Need to Upgrade Your Career

Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has been helping folks from diverse backgrounds start their careers in 5th Class Power Engineering through our accredited training programs. Our 5th Class Power Engineer course covers the training, theoretical knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in this career. From filling out daily log books to legislation and boiler industry history, we equip our students with industry-exceeding knowledge to thrive in this dynamic field. 

Our 5th Class Power Engineer course is taught in a classroom-style environment by our expert instructors. With our state-of-the-art training facility and various teaching methods, you can be sure you’ll receive excellent training that will prepare you to take the Technical Safety BC certification exams and excel in a stable and rewarding 5th Class Power Engineering career. 

Because the 5th Class Power Engineers shortage is not slowing down soon, now is the perfect time to enter this field. Take your first step by enrolling in TFM Consultants International’s 5th Class Power Engineering course today! 

Ready to Start a New Career?

With numerous opportunities for stable employment opening every day, now is the time to kick-start your career by enrolling in TFM’s 5th Class Power Engineer course. Contact us today to learn more about our accredited training programs. We look forward to seeing you in class!