TFM Consultants International LTD is the leader in maintenance, repair, and operator training, with complete solutions for a 21st century workforce to acquire, apply and  adapt essential technical and safety skills.

At TFM Consultants International LTD you will have access to industry standard equipment and learn from professionals with many years experience. The goal of this course is to ensure the student gains a comprehensive understanding of commercial, industrial and utility boiler systems.

Students will understand boiler inspections, operating controls testing and general troubleshooting. Overall, this program is designed to help maximize safety, dependability, and efficiency, thus extending boiler life, improving boiler efficiency, saving energy costs for the employer, and establishing a culture of safe work practices among the employees

Course will run daily at 8:30am till 5pm.

Duration: 2 Days (16 HRS)

Course Objectives:

  • Boiler Specifications
  • Boiler Identification
  • Boiler Plant Sketching
  • Fuel Cut off Systems
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Boiler Internal & External Inspections
  • Feedwater & Level Control System
  • Fuel, Draft & Blowdown System
  • Start Up and Shut Down Procedures
  • Testing Low Water Cut Offs
  • Level Control and Pump Tests
  • Flame Scanner & Try Lever Tests
  • Steam Pressure Limit Test
  • Emergency Disconnect Switch Test
  • Oil Leak Inspection
  • Hydrostatic & Pop Test
  • Boiler water Testing
  • Daily Inspections, Checks & Logbooks
  • Preventative Maintenance List and Schedules
  • Lock-out & Isolate the Boiler
  • Troubleshooting Techniques