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Refrigeration Plant Operator Course – Keeping Your Company Safe!

TFM Consultants International is proud to offer our Refrigeration Plant Operation and Maintenance Course to help keep your company safe and well maintained. The Refrigeration Plant Operator Course is ahands-on experience, providing the fundamental principles and components of typical refrigeration systems and ... Read more

The Importance of Consulting Services for Trades In Canada

At TFM Consultants International Ltd, we are proud to provide technical facility management services to help industry leaders advance in their field, and promote better business practices throughout their company. Our expertise falls within in facility and plant management, covering ... Read more

The Benefits of Boiler Work Experience

TFM Consultants International™  now offers ‘firing time training’ for students that need work experience in the field of Boiler Power Engineering. Power Engineering tends to be a highly sought out career choice, which often means long wait lists for courses within ... Read more

Train to Run Various Boiler Operations in Canada

At TFM Consultants International LTD, we offer trades courses and training that will help you acquire a career in various industries across Canada. One of which industries is within boiler maintenance and operations, conducted under and with your provincial power ... Read more