Understanding the 5 Levels of a Power Engineer in Canada

Understanding the 5 levels of a Power Engineer in Canada plays an important part in making a decision on your education. TFM is here to help our local community learn the tools of the trade necessary for advancement. As well, we provide temporary employment services across the Lower Mainland.

Seeking to advance your Power Engineering career? In need of a Power Engineer in Vancouver? We can help you understand which level you may want to ‘level up’ to – or hire for.

The 5 Levels of a Power Engineer in Canada – Explained

As mentioned, Power Engineers have 5 levels here in Canada – and here is a brief description of each…

5th Class Power Engineers – Are in charge of operating and maintaining boilers in commercial heating and manufacturing plants.

Refrigeration Plant Operators– Oversee refrigeration plants such as ice rinks (What could be more Canadian than that!), cold storage facilities, and office towers.

4th Class Power Engineers – Can operate both refrigeration and boiler plants. Their duties involve a lot of field work and general monitoring of equipment.

3rd Class Power Engineers – are in charge of the maintenance and monitoring of 3rd class plants. These include, but are not limited to, the oil industry, pulp and paper mills, hospitals, schools, food manufacturers and more.

2nd Class Power Engineers – often relieve 1st Class Engineers as needed. They provide supervision and oversee engineers as well as contractors.

1st Class Power Engineers – This career path manages large power plants, overseeing the safety and overall operations. In addition, they supervise all other Power Engineers in their subsequent tier. As well, they have advanced knowledge of electrical and mechanical power engineering. 1st class power engineers can work as the Chief Engineer at any class of plant.

As an engineer makes their way through these 5 levels of a Power Engineer in Canada, they will also have a rise in pay. In fact, top tier Power Engineers can make in excess of 150-200k per year. It’s an honorable position that can take decades to achieve. Which leaves a lot of room for 2nd to 5th Class Power Engineer positions for growth and opportunity.

This is a booming industry Canada-wide. With a lot of Power Engineers retiring regularly, positions in various industries within each province are opening up.

Whether you’re seeking to further your education as a Power Engineer, or you require a temporary Power Engineer in Metro Vancouver – TFM can help.

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