The Cost vs. Reward of Becoming a 5th Class Refrigeration Plant Operator

It is often important to weigh the cost vs. the reward of various choices in life. This rings especially true when investing in a career.

Doling out a lot of money for a career with little availability or low pay is a risk few are willing to take. However, when it comes to becoming a Refrigeration Plant Operator – positions across Canada are plentiful and financially beneficial right out of the gate.

This critical industry is imperative to keeping our society running – literally. Whether choosing to stay within a local BC community, or opt for a career in another Canadian province or territory; becoming a 5th Class Refrigeration Plant Operator offers you that flexibility.  

From mechanical to electrical to electronic operations and more. Becoming certified as a Refrigeration Plant Operator puts you in an excellent position to be in to choose your industry. In addition, you can choose your location freely – balancing the cost vs. the reward generously!

5th Class Refrigeration Plant Operator Industries Include…

  • Hospital
  • Pulp Mill
  • Oil Industry
  • Manufacturing Plant

Canadian industries rely on the expertise of their plant operators to fulfill the tasks that keep ‘businesses running as usual’. TFM helps our community by ensuring you are trained to do so.

The Financial Expectancy of a Refrigeration Plant Operator

In Canada, the starting wage for a refrigeration plant operator is reasonably within the range of $25-$35 and hour.

In addition to an excellent starting wage, there are also always jobs available throughout BC and across Canada – as seen on this job board.

Men and women alike are pursuing a career as a Refrigeration Plant Operator, and TFM is here to help facilitate that.

With an all-in investment of only $3295.95, our next refrigeration plant operator (5th class refrigeration) course begins on October 18th, 2021. And with only 15 spots available, this program always fills up quickly. We encourage all future students to enrol right away to secure their spot – and their career.

If you need additional information about any of our programs or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. or 778-873-1050.