Why Engineer Training by Industry Experts with Field Experience Matters

When it comes to hiring an engineer – either in the boiler or refrigeration field; acquiring a trained professional who has been instructed by industry experts is important.

Training offered by those who have had hands-on experience in the field matters. From this vantage point such instructors can truly teach from experience, offering the necessary knowledge to adapt to various environments and align with industries that work for each individual.

Even within the same industry, environments matter. Whether managing personality types that go along with certain engineering sectors, or unexpected machinery a new graduate might experience, having someone teach from a “been there done that” perspective can offer valuable insight.

TFM is here to provide that for our trainees here in Langley, delivering engineer training by industry experts with field experience that they share openly.

Training by Industry Experts Produces Competent Employees

It is often debated whether experience or education matter more. At TFM – we believe it’s a balance of both.

Industry trends tend to change, which is why having those who have been in the field and understand the market is vital to lending that data to future graduates. Not only does relevant technical experience matter, but a level of hands-on experience from a knowledgeable guiding hand also counts for a lot.

Engineering is one of the fastest growing industries with endless potential in Canada, and TFM’s accredited programs are designed to teach Power Engineering through instructional sessions, lectures and hands-on experience to prepare students to write the Technical Safety BC Provincial Exam.

Our programs are recognized Canada-wide for exceeding industry requirements and include:

BOILER Course’s



To find more about our engineering courses in Langley, we invite you to give us a call and discuss your needs with one of our expert instructors. Or feel free to find out more here!

Seeking temporary Engineers trained by industry experts? TFM also offers short-term staffing solutions across Metro Vancouver. Click HERE for more info.