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TFM Offers 4th Class Power Engineer Courses Online; Upgrade Your Career Today!

Are you ready for a career change? At TFM Consultants International, we provide holistic facility operator and engineering training, preventive maintenance programs, safety seminars and more. In particular, our 4th class power engineering program is a highly sought-after course that offers students the training and education they need to launch their careers. While our team at TFM encourages you to take our 5th class power engineering course before enrolling in our 4th class program, depending on your skills and experience, you may already have the necessary knowledge to jump into our 4th class power engineering online course. Below we’ll tell you more about the roles and responsibilities of a 4th class power engineer and what you can expect to learn in our online program. Keep reading to find out more!

Your Role as a 4th Class Power Engineer

For those considering a 4th class power engineer career, it’s helpful to be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of this position. Typically, 4th class power engineers are responsible for maintaining and operating power equipment in facilities such as industrial plants, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and more. 4th class power engineers may work in supervisory roles or under the supervision of other power engineers and work with building owners, managers, and tenants. To be successful in this role, 4th class power engineers need to have a strong understanding of thermodynamics, safety regulations, and mechanical and electrical equipment. 

Overall, power engineers play a critical role in the infrastructure of Canadian society. By managing and maintaining the vital power equipment we need in our daily lives, power engineers ensure that our communities continue running smoothly. If you’ve been considering upgrading your career by joining the 4th class power engineering field, TFM Consultants International is here to help you get started! 

TFM’s Online Power Engineering Courses

At TFM, we provide the technical knowledge and skills the next generation of 4th class power engineers need to be successful in their careers. Our team is proud to offer a 4th class power engineer online course. This course is designed to prepare students to write their provincial 4th class power engineering certification exam without having to quit their day jobs to further their education. TFM’s 4th class power engineer online course covers the following topics:

  • Prime Movers & Engines
  • Pumps & Compressors
  • Electricity
  • Controls, Instrumentation & Computers
  • Heating Boilers
  • Material & Welding
  • Piping & Valves
  • High-Pressure Boiler Design
  • Auxiliary Building Systems
  • Absorption Refrigeration
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • And more!

At TFM, we take pride in our accredited programs, like our 4th class power engineer online course, as they are recognized nationwide for exceeding industry requirements. This course is taught through instructional sessions, lectures, textbook learning materials, and more. Register for TFM’s 4th class power engineer online course today if you’re ready to start your power engineering career! 

Enroll in TFM’s 4th Class Power Engineering Course Today!

At TFM Consultants International, we offer the courses and training you need to advance your career into the thriving power engineering industry. So if you’ve been considering a career upgrade into a 4th class power engineer position, TFM is here to help you achieve your goals! Contact us today to learn more about our online programs or to enroll in our 4th class power engineer online course.