Temporary Building Operators in Metro Vancouver: Summer Vacation Staffing Solutions

Although the rain and continued cool temperatures feel more like fall than spring, summer is coming soon. And with it, many facilities will be seeking summer vacation staffing solutions. Which is something our temporary building operators in Metro Vancouver can help manage.

As a leader in building maintenance management, TFM delivers both temporary operator coverage, as well as operator training. Both of which ensure the essential technical and safety skills to the industries they serve.

Temporary Building Operators in Metro Vancouver

As mentioned on our Temporary Operators page

Even within tough environments such as power plants, office towers, schools, hospitals and refineries, TFM’s highly experienced Power Engineers provide Superior knowledge that continues to benefit our customers year after year. These management and manpower resources are quickly supplemented and mobilized to meet our clients’ peak demands during holiday coverage, plant shutdowns, process retrofits, rebuilds and new equipment installations.

Our Temporary Building Operators Include:

  • 4th Class Power Engineers
  • 5th Class Power Engineers
  • Refrigeration Operators
  • Building Operators

Summer Vacation Staffing Solutions

At TFM, we fully understand the industry needs of essential services – locally and across Canada. And both the employers we have worked with, and the temporary employees we provide, recognize the value in gaining exposure to different plant environments.  

As mentioned in our recent blog post: TEMPORARY ENGINEERS IN VANCOUVER: LAST MINUTE STAFFING SOLUTIONS FOR 2022regarding the benefits of last minute staffing solutions…

There are various benefits to filling in the missing gaps of staffing shortages in Vancouver.

Some of these such benefits include…

  1. Adequate Staffing Levels
  2. Balanced Employee Numbers to Project Needs
  3. Cost Savings Over Hiring Permanent Employees
  4. Time Savings Over Vetting Potential F/T Employees
  5. Reducing Hiring Risks

Hiring Temporary Building Operators in Metro Vancouver through TFM, provides you with 24/7 availability. Our short term employees are available to work as many hours as you need per employment standards, with a minimum 4-hour call out and an hourly rate for regular time of $45/hour.

If you are seeking Temporary Building Operators – TFM can help. Feel free to fill in the form below, and one of our staff members will follow up with you soon!

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