On Site Training Courses in BC: Discover How Your Business Could Benefit

On site training courses in BC offer an excellent alternative for employers and employees alike to gain the additional training needed, without adding in a multitude of other factors.

From time off work and travel expenses, to industry knowledge that is needed to be kept within the confines of your business; there are many benefits to hiring on site training professionals for your company.

Classroom Training vs. On Site Training

When it comes to what is being taught, there isn’t a different between our classroom or on site training. However, when it comes to businesses that want to keep their internal dealings private, while also creating a space for employees to ask pertinent questions within their course, on site training can make a massive difference.

In What Ways Can a Business Benefit from On Site Training

As mentioned, there is a multitude of benefits to on site training. These include…

  • A Safe Space to Engage in Conversation
  • Hands On Training Within a Specific Environment and the Machinery Used
  • Performance Feedback and Real-Time Evaluations
  • Displayed Application of Teaching (no delay in textbook learning vs. executing a skill)
  • No Need to Travel or Take Time Off Work
  • Flexibility to Manage Training Time Within Work Hours
  • Teamwork …Helping Employees Function Together With Identical Training Methods
  • Customization as Per Your Industry Needs
  • Covid-Conscious ‘all-in-one space’ Training

TFM On Site Training Courses in BC

At TFM, we deliver on site training, not just here in BC, but right across Canada. This includes all of our courses below, as well as customized training as needed…

  • 5th Class Power Engineer
  • 4th Class Power Engineer
  • Refrigeration Plant Operator
  • Boiler Basic Safety Awareness
  • Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness
  • Boiler Plant Operation and Safety
  • Refrigeration Plant Operation and Safety
  • Maintenance Leadership Development
  • Maintenance for Building Managers
  • Plant Administration-Best Practices

Curious to know more about our On Site Training Courses in BC or across Canada? Click to learn more about the courses we deliver or feel free to contact us or request a quote!

TFM Consultants International LTD’s accredited programs are designed to teach Power Engineering through instructional sessions, lectures, hands-on experience and review of all textbook learning material to prepare students to write the Technical Safety BC Provincial exam. Our programs are recognized nationwide for exceeding industry requirements.