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Maximize Your Understanding of Safety with TFM’s Boiler Operation and Maintenance Training Course

Boilers power a variety of industries, but their safe operation demands expertise. Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has been a leader in this field. Our Boiler Operation and Maintenance Training course will equip you with the skills for safe, efficient operation. From boiler specifications to emergency procedures, we cover it all! Next, we will uncover how TFM’s program can maximize safety, extend boiler life, and save on energy costs. Plus, we will explore our seminars for staying updated on industry safety regulations and best practices. Continue reading to find out more!

What this Course Covers

TFM Consultants International is a leader in boiler maintenance, repair, and operator training. Through our Boiler Operation and Maintenance Training course, TFM’s students will acquire the necessary technical and safety skills required to operate commercial, industrial and utility boiler systems safely. With the help of TFM’s expert instructors and industry-standard equipment, students will come to understand boiler inspections, operating controls testing and general troubleshooting best practices. Below are a few other objectives TFM’s Boiler Operation and Maintenance Training course will cover:

  • Boiler Specifications, Identification, & Plant Sketching
  • Fuel Cut-off Systems
  • Current Regulatory Requirements
  • Internal & External Boiler Inspections
  • Feedwater & Level Control Systems
  • Fuel, Draft & Blowdown Systems
  • Start-Up and Shut-Down Procedures
  • Level Control & Pump Tests
  • Flame Scanner & Try Lever Tests
  • Steam Pressure Limit Tests
  • Emergency Disconnect Switch Tests
  • Hydrostatic & Pop Test
  • Preventative Maintenance List and Schedules
  • And More

Overall, TFM’s online or in-person Boiler Operation and Maintenance Training program is designed to help maximize safety, dependability, and efficiency, thus extending the life of boilers by improving their efficiency. This results in energy cost savings for future employers and helps establish a culture of safe work practices among recent graduates from the program and their coworkers. 

Other Ways to Expand Your Knowledge with TFM

Boiler operations and maintenance are essential to ensure the functionality of numerous worksites and facilities. However, as this industry develops, so do its regulations, safety standards, and certification requirements. TFM proudly offers two one-day seminars to inform you about the latest safety regulations and practice changes to ensure you and your employees are updated with the latest in Boiler Operations and Power Engineering. The two seminars TFM offers are as follows:

  • Boiler Safety Seminar: This seminar covers the fundamentals of safely operating heating plants and includes emergency procedures that non-operating personnel should follow and be aware of.
  • Refrigeration Safety Seminar: This seminar explains vital knowledge regarding safely operating refrigeration plants and includes information on emergency procedures for non-operating personnel. 

At TFM Consultants International, we host monthly seminars in our Langley Training Center. Each of our seminars is designed to meet the Technical Safety BC’s criteria for the relevant basic safety awareness certifications and does not require any prerequisites. That means that anyone is welcome to attend in person or online. So, if you are interested in attending or wish to have your employees join, register as soon as possible! Capacity is limited, and spots fill up quickly, so don’t hesitate to join TFM and further your safety education. 

Ready to Learn More?

TFM Consultants International has provided students and clients with outstanding training and service for over two decades. From Power Engineering courses to safety seminars, consulting services and more, TFM is here to ensure your facility and team are up to date with the latest developments in Power Engineering and Boiler Operations. Contact ustoday to learn more about our Boiler Operation and Maintenance Training program or upcoming seminars!