Hire Local! Temporary Maintenance Workers & Power Engineers for Spring

Hiring local not only helps the community at large and the families therein; it also provides companies with quality control based on locally trained professionals within their field.

At TFM, we are proud to provide companies across the Lower Mainland with Temporary Facility Maintenance Workers for Their Power Plant, as well as Power Engineers and Refrigeration/Boiler Specialists.

These local professionals have taken various courses at our TFM Training Centre, including:

Power Engineering: Boiler


Operations & Maintenance

Each of these courses are taught through industry experts themselves, who have had years of experience in the field in which they teach. In addition, TFM delivers in-person instruction to ensure each student has the necessary hands-on exposure. This allows them to thrive within a Power Plant or Maintenance Facility without confusion as to how to apply their learned skills.

Our Temporary Maintenance Workers & Power Engineers can help local businesses such as…

  • Power Plants
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Mills
  • Factories
  • Industrial Sites
  • …and more

Temporary Labour Provides Affordable, Immediate Solutions

Although there are various temporary labour companies providing trades workers to fill basic labour roles; our recent graduates differ as highly trained professionals.

Hiring them on as temporary employees allows you to acquire a quick solution as you need it without the added benefits costs that a permanent employee would demand.

In addition, if gives employers the opportunity to ‘test drive’ skilled labourers to see if they are a fit for your industry for only $45 an hour.

At TFM, our goal is to partner with local industries to develop long-term relationships for many years to come. We care about both our employees and clients, and match applicants to jobs carefully to ensure the best arrangement for both on short notice.

Curious to know more? Contact Us with any questions you might have regarding our professionally trained and local maintenance workers or power engineers.

We look forward to helping assist your company as needed this spring!