Help Your Employees Manage Their Mental Health with Temporary Staff

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month across Canada? It is. Which provides the opportunity for our community at large to educate ourselves on mental illness. How it can affect different people in different ways, and the signs to be aware of in order to help.

Reducing the stigma around mental health is important. During a time when many people’s mental health has been put to task this past year during the pandemic, we are hopefully all in a position to better understand the struggle.

That being said, we all need to do our part to help alleviate or even prevent mental hardship.

At TFM, one way we feel an employer can do their part, is to help their employees manage their mental health with temporary staffing solutions. Which we’re here to provide for you via our Temporary Operators across Vancouver, including…

  • 4th Class Power Engineers
  • 5th Class Power Engineers
  • Refrigeration Operators
  • Building Operators


As mentioned in our ‘hire local’ post:

Our goal is to become your partner and to develop a long-term relationship with your company for many years to come. We care about our employees and clients, and match applicants to jobs carefully to ensure the best arrangement for both. With this philosophy, we establish a close working relationship with our clients and employees.

Hiring local not only helps the community at large and the families therein; it also provides companies with quality control based on locally trained professionals within their field.

Although it might seem like a small part to play in addressing mental health; small efforts can lead to relieving someone’s struggles in a big way.

At TFM, we are proud to provide companies across the Lower Mainland with Temporary Operators to help them with their plant operations. Providing relief when needed – whether during times that simply have an influx of work, or for when you recognize a staff member could truly use some well-deserved time off. Regardless of the ‘why’ – we are here to help deliver the well-trained professionals when and where you need them!

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