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Ensure Your Facility is Operating Smoothly: TFM Consultant’s Holistic Approach

Have you recently started construction on a new facility or building and require extensive support in developing preventative maintenance, training, or succession planning programs? If so, then you should turn to the experts at TFM Consultants International!

Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has provided outstanding services to countless companies across the pulp mill, petrochemical and forestry industries. With our highly detailed and comprehensive facilities management consulting services, your operations can experience a significant improvement in efficiency, safety, and future planning.

Next, we will tell you more about our consulting services and why you should partner with us here at TFM Consultants International. Keep reading to find out more!

Optimizing Safety and Facility Success

At TFM Consultants International, we’ve provided hundreds of small to large companies with holistic technical facility management services to ensure their facilities’ safety and operational success. As a third-party organization, TFM will report with complete confidentially regarding the status of your systems.

One of our many consulting services is our Facilities Project Management Consulting. During this service, our expert team will aid you in establishing and creating a scope of work, return for qualification, and return for proposal documentation. That way, your team will be able to manage your facility and your company’s project properly.

From preventative maintenance and training programs to overseeing initial equipment startups, day-to-day construction and daily operations, and providing highly detailed reports and checklists, TFM Consultants International’s consulting team takes a comprehensive approach to ensure your facility runs smoothly. Our team is ready to assist with overseeing your entire project, from initial designs to grand openings; that way, you’re totally prepared to take the reigns. 

TFM Consultants International, Your Partner in Facilities Management Consulting

Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has been a leader in accredited and industry-exceeding Power Engineering courses and seminars, temporary operator support, and consulting services. In particular, our consulting services are designed to provide assistance in the design, construction, installation, and operation, as well as employee training for steam plants and refrigeration plants in numerous types and sizes of facilities. Our consulting team has a keen eye for plant optimization and enhancements, meaning that by partnering with TFM Consultants International, you’re working with leading experts who can help you improve the success and safety of your facilities. 

Over the decades, TFM has worked with numerous consulting clients throughout Canada and the United States. Through our holistic approach and expertise, we have successfully provided our clients with thorough reports and recommendations regarding their operations. Let TFM’s team show you how to enhance your facility or plant today!

Ready to Get Started?

When searching for a consulting partner to help you prepare for your plant classification audit, develop a preventive maintenance program, or design your facility operational budget and capital planning, TFM Consultants International is here to help! With decades of experience under our belts, our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to assist you with your facilities management consulting needs. 

Contact TFM Consultants International to speak with one of our expert consultants today! We look forward to helping you enhance your operations.