Christmas Holiday Season: Fill in the Gaps With Temporary Operators in Metro Vancouver

As always, the Christmas holiday season is coming far more quickly than we ever anticipate. And with it, the need to hire Temporary Operators in Metro Vancouver.

TFM can help with that, providing our community with well-trained Engineers from multiple levels of expertise!

How Temporary Operators Can Help This Holiday Season

This year, it seems more people than ever are off with seasonal illnesses. Between sick days and vacation days, a temporary employee is an excellent option to rely on when your fulltime staff is away.

When it comes to essential services industries that Engineers are often are employed at, there is no stopping the machinery that supplies the energy, heat and overall power to a wide-variety of plants. Which is where our Temporary Engineers in Metro Vancouver come in to help.

Temporary Operators in Metro Vancouver

As mentioned on our Temporary Operators page

Even within tough environments such as power plants, office towers, schools, hospitals and refineries, TFM’s highly experienced Power Engineers provide Superior knowledge that continues to benefit our customers year after year. These management and manpower resources are quickly supplemented and mobilized to meet our clients’ peak demands during holiday coverage, plant shutdowns, process retrofits, rebuilds and new equipment installations.

Our Temporary Operators Include:

  • 4th Class Power Engineers
  • 5th Class Power Engineers

In addition we also offer…

  • Refrigeration Operators
  • Building Operators

Hiring Temporary Operators in Metro Vancouver through TFM can provide your industry with 24/7 availability. It is an affordable and reliable solutions for industries who simply can’t stop their machinery for sick days or vacation time.

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