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What Qualifications Do You Need for Boiler Operation and Maintenance?

Not everyone is a fan of formal education. Many people are glad to get out of school as soon as they can and feel reluctant to go back into education. This can be for a number of reasons, including the struggle to stay attentive or to understand the material.

However, continuing your education as an adult can open up amazing new career opportunities. Gaining new skills makes you better qualified and can allow you to grow your salary and career prospects. It doesn’t have to involve months or years of studying and doesn’t always consist of sitting behind a desk all the time.

If you’re interested in learning the necessary skills for boiler operation and maintenance, you also get a chance to learn in a more hands-on way.

Boiler Operator and Maintenance Courses

Learning the skills and knowledge required to begin a career in boiler operation and maintenance takes just two days with our boiler maintenance training. You can also expand your existing skills to stay up to date with how to maintain a safe environment in your facility.

Our short but impactful course will guide you through all you need to know to gain a comprehensive understanding of commercial, industrial, and utility boiler systems.

With access to industry-standard equipment, you will learn about boiler specifications and identification, standard safety tests and inspections, troubleshooting techniques, and more. You will learn how to work with boilers in a safe and efficient way.

The full list of course objectives includes:

  • Boiler Specifications
  • Boiler Identification
  • Boiler Plant Sketching
  • Fuel Cut off Systems
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Boiler Internal & External Inspections
  • Feedwater & Level Control System
  • Fuel, Draft & Blowdown System
  • Start Up and Shut Down Procedures
  • Testing Low Water Cut Offs
  • Level Control and Pump Tests
  • Flame Scanner & Try Lever Tests
  • Steam Pressure Limit Test
  • Emergency Disconnect Switch Test
  • Oil Leak Inspection
  • Hydrostatic & Pop Test
  • Boiler water Testing
  • Daily Inspections, Checks & Logbooks
  • Preventative Maintenance List and Schedules
  • Lock-out & Isolate the Boiler
  • Troubleshooting Techniques

What Can You Earn?

Training in boiler operation and maintenance could give you the chance to access excellent salary opportunities. Boiler operator and maintenance training could allow you to take on new responsibilities in an existing position, or give you the chance to begin a new career.

The average salary for a boiler operator in Canada is approximately $57,000. After training in basic boiler operation and maintenance, you can choose to continue your education to become a 5th Class Power Engineer, and possibly work your way up the five Power Engineer classes. This allows you to continue growing your salary and job prospects.

There are staff shortages in the industry as people retire and replacements are needed. Now is the perfect time to explore a career in boiler operation and maintenance, whether you are considering a career change or looking for your very first career.

Why Choose TFM?

TFM has been delivering engineering training and services since 1997. Our experts are all professionals in the field and are ready to deliver the skills and knowledge training you need to become successful in your career. Our accredited programmes are recognized industry-wide as the best in Canada.

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