Train to Run Various Boiler Operations in Canada

At TFM Consultants International LTD, we offer trades courses and training that will help you acquire a career in various industries across Canada. One of which industries is within boiler maintenance and operations, conducted under and with your provincial power engineer certification – which we are here to help you acquire!

Whether working in cogeneration plants, where condensing boilers use fossil fuels such as oil, coal or natural gas to generate heat and boil water for energy, or fire tube boilers that use hot gas that passes from a fire through tubes that have water surrounding them and transfer energy through thermal conduction creating steam– there are a wide variety of boilers used across Canada that we will help you understand in order to begin working in this industry.

Curious to know more? Our Boiler Courses Includes…

Whether you requires you staff to take our Boiler Basic Safety Awareness course for general safety purposes, providing students with an overall look at boiler and heating plant operation, and explaining the requirements of the BC Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulations, or looking to take our 5th Class Power engineer course, which teaches students how to maintain, operate and manage both industrial and commercial plants that use boiler and refrigeration equipment – we have training for employers and those looking for new employment alike.

Our courses cover such material as:

  •       Logbooks
  •       Plant Safety
  •       Internal Combustion Engines
  •       Air Compressors
  •       Pump Operation and Maintenance
  •       Piping & Valves
  •       Vibration Analysis
  •        Laser Alignment
  •        Electricity, Plumbing, Water Treatment …and more

At TFMCI, we deliver courses and training that will help you achieve your goals and begin a new career in various exciting industries. If you need additional information about any of our programs or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 778-873-1050