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TFM’s Temporary Power Engineers: Helping Your Facility Overcome Operational Challenges

At TFM Consultants International, we pride ourselves in being a leader in maintenance, repair, and operator training for Power Engineers and Refrigeration Plant Operators. However, our services extend beyond our accredited courses, training programs, and seminars to include temporary operators. Next, we will tell you more about our temporary operator services and how they can help your facility during staffing shortages. Continue reading to find out more!

The Value of TFM’s Temporary Power Engineers

When you enlist the help of TFM Consultants International’s temporary Power Engineers, Building Operators or Contracted Maintenance, you’re getting expert operational support. Our highly experienced temporary Power Engineers don’t just assist your facility with maintaining day-to-day operations; they are empowered to leave your facility better than when they arrived. From simple activities such as wiping down equipment and looking for leaks to checking chemicals and performing repairs, our temporary operators will inspect, audit, and recommend improvements to your facility. At TFM, we are here to do more than bridge staffing gaps; we are here to help you enhance your facility and operations. 

Typical Responsibilities of Temporary Power Engineers

In addition to the supplementary tasks TFM’s temporary Power Engineers will do in your facility, there are several responsibilities we take pride in performing. Some of the duties our temporary operators will undertake include the following:

  • Daily Equipment Inspections
  • Equipment Trend Recording
  • General Maintenance of Facility Systems, Building Automation Systems, HVAC, Plumbing Systems, and More
  • Communication of Necessary Repairs and Maintenance Requiring Outside Contractors to the Facility Supervisor
  • Coordination of Work with Other Departments
  • Strict Adherence to All Health and Safety Policies and Procedures
  • And More! 

Expertise Across Industries

Many of TFM’s temporary Power Engineers are hand-selected graduates from our Power Engineering courses, so you can trust that they are highly qualified to help in your facility. They have years of experience working in diverse facilities and environments. From shopping malls and hospitals to manufacturing facilities and refineries, TFM’s temporary Power Engineers and Operators have the skills and technical knowledge to address operational challenges across various industries. 

Mobilizing to Your Worksites

At TFM Consultants International, our temporary Power Engineers are ready and available to mobilize to your facility or worksite as soon as possible. Our team is available 24/7, rain or shine, holiday or regular working day, so no matter the staffing shortages you are facing, TFM is here to help. Whether you require supplemental assistance for a long weekend or several months, TFM’s team can work as many hours as your operational needs require. That way, you can focus on running your facility smoothly and efficiently. 

The temporary operators available at a moment’s notice at TFM Consultants International are as follows:

  • 3rd Class Power Engineers
  • 4th Class Power Engineers
  • 5th Class Power Engineers
  • Refrigeration Operators
  • Building Operators

As previously mentioned, each of our temporary operators is a highly trained expert with diverse skills and experiences. So, when you need temporary coverage for your facility, TFM Consultants International has your back!

Overcome Operational Challenges with TFM Today

Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has been helping small, medium and large companies enhance their operations through our consulting services. While simultaneously providing outstanding accredited Power Engineering courses and temporary Power Engineer services.

If your facility is facing staffing shortages, don’t hesitate to contact TFM Consultants International today! Let our temporary operators ensure your facility continues operating smoothly.