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TFM’s Laser Shaft Alignment Course: Designed for New Career Growth

If you’re looking to make changes to your career, we can help. Gaining valuable new skills lets you switch to a new career you might enjoy. What’s more, it’s easy: many courses only require a day or two of your time. 

TFM’s Laser Alignment course is an excellent example of this. The skills it teaches can be challenging to learn, but will open you new career opportunities. As a graduate, you can look forward to better work and more opportunities to grow.

What is a Laser Shaft Alignment course? 

TFM’s Laser Shaft Alignment course is an add-on to the Pumps Training System course (which deals with installing and maintaining industrial pumps). It focuses on laser alignment, including shim identification and placement, shaft alignment and safety procedures. Students learn how to align pump shafts relative to motors and other components for reduced wear and improved efficiency. 

Why choose to complete a Laser Shaft Alignment course?

Completing a Laser Shaft Alignment course offers numerous benefits. As a student, you can look forward to extensive job opportunities and industry roles. Engineers with laser shaft experience are in high demand, as relevant industry is experiencing ongoing staff shortages. Companies are desperate for people with appropriate skills to help them set up lasers and detectors, take measurements and analyze results. 

Laser Shaft Alignment graduates can also advance their careers by demonstrating a commitment to preventative maintenance. You can prove you have the skills to maintain costly equipment, preserve firms’ capital-intensive investments and position yourself as a risk-reducing safety champion. Individuals who understand laser alignment can reduce vibration and prevent dangerous equipment failures—an essential skill for any business to have on staff.

For these reasons, companies will often pay for your training. This way, you can avoid upfront costs and continue your career development. 

Why study Laser Shaft Alignment at TFM?

Here are some of the reasons students love coming to TFM to study Laser Shaft Alignment: 

  • Realistic training: TFM goes beyond textbooks to provide hands-on, practical training to give you a sense of what work will be like in real roles. You’ll get a feel for the skill before anyone hires you, building your confidence. 
  • Minimal time off work: TFM understands you may already have full-time work. That’s why our Laser Shaft Alignment course only requires two days (16 hours) of training. Working with us reduces the risk of lost pay. 

We encourage our students to view TFM’s Laser Shaft Alignment course as an investment. It is something that will assist you in your future career and provide valuable blue-collar skills you can use to bid up wages. 

TFM: Your Opportunity To Grow

Sign up for the Laser Shaft Alignment course today, and gain even more experience through our other courses. Discover the benefits for yourself with TFM.