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TFM makes dreams come true: How we help new students find immediate work as Refrigeration Plant Operators

If you’re looking to switch careers and find a meaningful position with great advancement opportunities, becoming a Refrigeration Plant Operator could be an excellent choice. These professionals are in high demand and work in growing industries with bright futures. 

Refrigeration Plant Operators frequently work in food processing plants and warehouses. There are also roles in large commercial buildings, shopping malls, arenas, and hospitals. 

The job involves monitoring systems to ensure environments maintain proper temperatures. Operators maintain refrigeration equipment and perform routine checks to ensure it continues operating according to specifications. 

Why are so many people becoming Refrigerator Plant Operators? 

People are becoming Refrigerator Plant Operators for numerous reasons:

High demand – Companies are desperate for workers in this field. Too few people become experts in plant refrigeration every year, leading to labour shortages. Currently, the berry industry requires temporary workers with these skills to fill staffing shortages – a testament to the gap between supply and demand. 

Generational information gap – The lack of new entrants into the industry over recent years has led to the shortage of skills in the up-and-coming cohort. Companies need to replace existing workforces or risk hefty monetary losses. Baby boomers kept the market competitive for years, but now they are retiring. During their tenure, they could not effectively pass their expertise on to the public, creating a skills shortage and causing wages to spike, creating today’s opportunities. 

Stable industry – Refrigeration Plant Operators work in a stable sector, not at risk of AI-related automation. Operators must perform technical, non-standard operations in shifting environments, many of which require a combination of manual dexterity and advanced procedural knowledge. 

Skilled trades – Finally, Refrigeration Plant Operators require a broad array of high-demand technical skills to fulfil the role. Facilities require engineers to know about plumbing, carpentry, drywall, mechanical and forklift work. Workers can up-skill, increasing their value to firms and providing clear career progression, making work in this sector more attractive. 

How do you become a Refrigerator Plant Operator? 

Municipalities are keen to attract as many Refrigerator Plant Operators as they can. But how do you become one? Follow these steps:

Take a Refrigeration Plant Operators course

The first step is to take a Refrigeration Plant Operators course, such as the one offered by TFM. These teach you everything you need to know about refrigeration principles, making you more attractive to employers. You learn about cold storage, refrigeration systems, operations, safety, and troubleshooting. 

Get hands-on training

Once you finish formal education, you will need hands-on training. These experiences show you how work on refrigeration plants differs from the classroom. Learning various systems and following the lead of more experienced technicians provides the know-how to succeed. 

Get Certified

Finally comes certification – evidence you’re ready to begin work. Some provinces like British Columbia and Alberta have mandatory certification requirements while others don’t. However, it helps to have this accolade, voluntary or otherwise, if you plan to work across the country. 

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TFM offers courses for those looking to become Refrigeration Plant Operators. These provide everything needed for a successful career, helping you make a difference.