Temporary Labour for Building Operators

Fall can be a busy time for many industries across the Lower Mainland, and having the manpower to manage the added workload can often be a struggle. Which is where our Temporary Labour services across the Lower Mainland and throughout the Fraser Valley come in to provide well-trained individuals that are ‘on-the-job’ ready!

Whether you’re seeking temporary labour for Building Operators in Vancouver, Power Engineers or Facility Contracted Maintenance workers – TFM can help.

We offer Operations and Maintenance professionals who have been trained and vetted within our Langley training facility, with each delivering their own unique abilities, personality and potential for any company to try out on a temporary basis.

General Operations and Maintenance Temporary Labour

When employing one of our Operations & Maintenance Temporary Labour graduates, they will be well-trained in the  field of pump repair, maintenance and servicing of equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our students leave our training with extensive pump design knowledge, types, parts, common causes of pump failure, repair techniques and predictive maintenance for pumps.

Refrigeration Plant Operations and Maintenance Temporary Labour

The Refrigeration System Demonstrator delivers integrated training systems, which allow our trainees imperative experimentation in the fundamental principles and components of typical refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

Your Refrigeration Plant Temporary Labourer will be well-versed in the different refrigerant stages within the cycles of the most common refrigeration system configurations, as well as overall refrigeration fundamentals.

If you are seeking to fill in the gaps that your full-time staff might not satisfy, we provide…

  • 4thClass Power Engineers
  • 5thClass Power Engineers
  • Refrigeration Operators
  • Building Operators

These temporary operators for hire are available 24/7, capable of working within the employment standards set out, with a minimum 4-hour call out.

Do you have a building maintenance labour? Allow our TFM Temporary Labour for Building Operators to fill the gap without committing to a whole new full-time staff, and enjoy the many benefits this can offer to your industry!