Temporary Building Operators in Vancouver – Give the Gift of Time Off to Your Employees!

With Christmas right around the corner, many companies across the Lower Mainland are organizing their manpower to accommodate vacation time for their regular employees.

This can be difficult for those in management, sometimes requiring employees to work who would rather be home with family over the holidays.

Which makes our temporary building operators in the Lower Mainland a great option to fill a need, while also helping your long-term staff enjoy their much-needed break!

Temporary Building Managers in Vancouver

TFM Temporary Building Operators deliver all the expertise on maintenance and repairs, while only requiring you to commit to temporary terms. We, at TFM, are proud to provide complete solutions for a 21st century workforce through our temporary labour program. We offer you assistance capable of adapting to the essential technical and safety skills required by your company.

As mentioned on our Employment Services / Temporary Operators page…

Even within tough environments such as power plants, office towers, schools, hospitals and refineries, TFM’s highly experienced Power Engineers provide a knowledge edge that continues to benefit our customers year after year. These management and manpower resources are quickly supplemented and mobilized to meet our clients’ peak demands during holiday coverage, plant shutdowns, process retrofits, rebuilds and new equipment installations.

Add to that the worthwhile gift of giving your full-time employees some much needed time off after a difficult 2020, and it simply makes sense to hire a temporary building operators in Vancouver – or wherever else your company might be located throughout the Lower Mainland and into the Fraser Valley.

Give the Gift of Time Off to Your Employees Without Foregoing Quality Labour

Our Temporary Building Operators are fully trained at our Power Engineering Training facility in Langley, delivering topnotch skills acquired both inside a classroom setting, as well as in remote environments.

Our graduates have the skillset to conduct daily inspections of equipment and record the trends or concerns they might observe. In addition, they can provide general repairs, upkeep and maintenance of facility systems, while coordinating repairs and maintenance needed outside their field of expertise.

Whether you’re seeking temporary labour for Building Operators in Vancouver or Power Engineers or Facility Contracted Maintenance workers – TFM can help, and we look forward to doing so this holiday season!