Temporary Building Operators in Vancouver: Meeting the Changing Needs of BC

Is your company in need of temporary building operators in Vancouver? TFM has been meeting the changing needs of BC throughout Covid-19 and continue to do so safely and effectively!

Throughout these difficult times we have been helping our students continue to learn the necessary ‘tools’ for their trade. Whether virtually – when needed, or in-person – as needed, we have maintained our education centre in order to help with our student’s education and employment options.

The benefit of this?  We have been able to offer temporary building operators to a variety of industries throughout BC in their time of need, with well-trained, qualified employees – and continue to do so!

  Our Temporary Building Operators Available in the Lower Mainland Include:

  • 4th Class Power Engineers
  • 5th Class Power Engineers
  • Refrigeration Operators
  • Building Operators

As mentioned on our Employment Services / Temporary Operators page…

Even within tough environments such as power plants, office towers, schools, hospitals and refineries, TFM’s highly experienced Power Engineers provide a knowledge edge that continues to benefit our customers year after year. These management and manpower resources are quickly supplemented and mobilized to meet our clients’ peak demands during holiday coverage, plant shutdowns, process retrofits, rebuilds and new equipment installations.

Why Hire a Temporary Building Operator in Vancouver?

Temporary Building Operators can help your company maintain regular workflow when you have an under-staffed situation. Or, your industry sector simply has a sudden influx of work that requires additional hands on deck.

Our Building Operator’s Typical Responsibilities Include:

  • Conduct daily inspections of the equipment & record the trends
  • General repairs, upkeep and maintenance of facility systems, building automation systems, HVAC, plumbing systems, etc.
  • Communicate any repairs and maintenance that require outside contractors with supervisor
  • Coordinate work with other departments
  • Adhere to all health and safety policies and procedures
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

At our Power Engineering Training facility in Langley, our Temporary Building Operators are fully trained to provide topnotch care for the companies they are employed by. So if you are seeking Temporary Building Operators in Vancouver – TFM can help.

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