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Signs it is Time to Have TFM’s Consultants Review Your Facility

Have you noticed issues with compliance, efficiency or safety in your facility? Are you planning to construct a new facility and require assistance getting started? If so, then TFM Consultants is here to help! TFM has been helping companies and organizations optimize their facilities’ operations for over two decades through our facilities management consulting services.

Next, we will explain why it’s essential to have your facilities reviewed, when a review is necessary, and why you should partner with TFM Consultants International. Continue reading to find out more. 

Why Expert Consulting Services Matter

There are many reasons why your company or organization should work with a consultant like TFM Consultants International. Technical facility management services from TFM are designed to focus on the needs of our clients. As a third-party organization, we can assist with the following:

  • Applications for “General Supervision Status” and “Risk Assessed Status Plant”
  • Creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Standard Work Instructions (SWI’s)
  • Facility Start-Up Consulting
  • Design, Installation, and Implementation of Preventative Maintenance Procedures for your CMMS software
  • Holistic Site Assessments and Technical Audit Reports of Facility Equipment and Systems 
  • Facility Project Management Services
  • Establishing and Creating Scope of Work and Producing RFQ/RFP Documents
  • Creation of Facility Operational Budgets and Long-Term Capital Plans

By partnering with the experts at TFM, our team can help your facility increase its efficiency (boosting your bottom line), reduce the risk of accidents, and increase your peace of mind that your operations are fully optimized. Ultimately, TFM Consultants International is here to help enhance your facility with expertise and understanding. 

Signs Your Facility Needs a Review

Understanding if and when to have TFM Consultants International’s team audit and assess your facility is crucial for its operations. Here are a few critical scenarios where it is advisable that you get our team of consultants to lend an expert hand: 

  • Changes in Performance
  • Increase in Energy Costs
  • Issues with Compliance
  • Modifications in Equipment or Technology
  • Changes in Staffing or Succession Planning
  • Construction, Renovation or Upgrades to New or Existing Facilities

New and existing facilities often face numerous challenges when attempting to address the above scenarios internally. Fortunately, TFM Consultants International is here to help. Our expert consultants can perform holistic site assessments and audits to understand the status or “health” of your facility and operations. From there, we will provide a plan of attack to address your organization’s requirements while proposing measures to enhance and optimize your facility. That way, when our job is done, your team will be fully prepared to manage your facility with enhanced efficiency, safety, and success. 

TFM Consultants International’s Expertise in Facilities Management

Since 1997, TFM Consultants International has provided exceptional facility management consulting services to small and large companies across various industries. Our comprehensive methods for gathering relevant data regarding your facility’s equipment and systems include on-site walk-throughs, informal staff interviews and reviews of your equipment’s specifications conducted by our highly experienced consultants. 

TFM’s consultants have decades of combined experience in operational, supervisory, and managerial roles within the pressure vessel, boiler, refrigeration, and Power Engineering industries. Our extensive experience, combined with our expertise, ensures the effectiveness of our facilities management consulting services. Additionally, our consultants will report to you with complete confidentiality and confidence. So, with TFM Consultants International at your side, you can trust that your facility is in expert hands. 

Ready to Get Started?

At TFM Consultants International, we understand that optimizing your facility’s operations requires experience, expertise, and time, all of which may be limited due to access to resources or capacity. Let our skilled consultants manage your site assessments, technical audits, and program and procedure development needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our facilities management consulting services.