Refrigeration Plant Operator Course: Maximize Your Employment Opportunities in BC

Seeking to maximize your employment opportunities in BC in 2022? TFM is offering our Refrigeration Plant Operator Course starting October 18th –  which can help you do so!

Regardless of if you choose in-person or online learning, our Refrigeration Plant Operator Course will help prepare you for this dynamic field in less than one month.

Maximize Your Employment Opportunities in BC – How Our Refrigeration Plant Operator Course Can Help

Our Refrigeration Plant Operator Course is a three-week course, and will provide the you with the skills required for today’s stringent refrigeration standards.

In addition, it will prepare you to operate refrigeration equipment safely and efficiently and prepare you to respond to unanticipated emergencies.

Both our in-person classes as well as our online training offers…

  • An easy-going learning environment
  • Ample training examples that include photos and videos
  • The fundamentals of
    • Refrigeration
    • Industry legislations
    • Plant safety
    • Operational standards
    • Maintenance practices
    • Environmental controls
    • Potential refrigeration system problems and the possible solutions
    • Procedures to aid in an emergency

Our Refrigeration Plant Operator Course also ensures you are able to take the TSBC inter-provincial exam if you so choose.

Check out our complete COURSE OUTLINE here or our CURRICULUM here

Prefer to do your training online? See what that entails here.

Accessing your online training is simply with the use of Zoom as a platform. Zoom’s video conferencing quality and reliability means everyone has a seamless experience.

Participants will find it easy to join and engage in the comfort of their home or work. Registered participants receive an email invite that automatically directs them to Zoom, allowing them to join the training session via computer, tablet or their phone.

Temporary Employment Opportunities in BC

Did you know that TFM offers Temporary Employment Opportunities in BC for our students? We do! This allows you to try out different industries or find quick employment in diverse environments as you see fit.

Curious to know more? Feel free to contact us via email at: or call 778-873-1050 to help you maximize your employment opportunities in BC.