Reach Full Workplace Potential with a BC Job Grant

At TFM Consultants International, our power engineering specialists and facilities management consultants deliver years of on-the-field experience in a variety of industries including: pulp mills, petrochemical and forestry, as well as building facilities of many types throughout Canada.

Having such a strong industry background, we know all too well the importance of training leaders in their field of choice, and are excited to share how you can receive such training with a BC Job Grant!

Acquire or Advance Your Career With a BC Job Grant

Those living in BC are all too familiar with the rising prices of housing, gas, and overall living expenses, so investing in advancing a career often falls to the wayside. Which is why the BC Job Grant program is such an amazing offer for those wanting to increase their workplace responsibilities, while increasing their income along with it.

Recently, the Canadian Government launched ‘The Canada-B.C. Job Grant (CJG)’, offering employers a cost-sharing program to help train their current or future employees. This Canadian Job Grant has 8-million dollars in funding for employers to utilize in order to further train current and upcoming employees in the next year and a half (2018 and 2019), with an aim to help improve the workplace and provide funding for certified skills training.

With over 20 years of helping people gain certifications in a variety of industries, our TFM Learning Centre regularly assists BC residents in reaching their full workplace potential, increase their income, and/or move into different industries altogether.

Whether training Facility Technicians, instructing 5th Class Boiler and Refrigeration Operators, or helping those looking to become industry leaders with our 1st Class Power Engineer Training, our accredited programs are recognized industry wide for being the best in Canada, and right now the BC Government will PAY to get you (or your employees) trained!

Whether you are an employer looking to grow your company, or someone looking to further their employable skills, now is the time to advance your career or company by taking advantage of this program, which offers up to $10,000 to train eligible participants.

TFM is excited to tell our future applicants about this grant, utilizing it at our fully equipped training facility in Langley, BC, or alternately – bringing our training directly to you and customizing it for your industry.

Find out more here -> or call us at (778) 873-1050 …we look forward to helping you advance your career this coming year and into the next!