The Importance of Boiler Stack Heat Recovery Training

‘Boiler stack heat recovery’ plays an important part in the energy consumption and efficiency of any building. It involves a process where water is pre-heated, created by hot boiler flue gases, and the water-to-air heat exchange within that.

This is a century old process, one that allows large boilers to preheat feedwater thanks to the stacked heat recovered. It can also be used with smaller boilers in order to create on-demand hot water, which is growing in popularity as eco-friendly endeavors are endlessly being sought out due to the cost of energy, and the desire to help our earth as a whole.

The Benefits of Heat Recovery

As mentioned, there is both an eco-friendly benefit to maximizing a boilers efficiency as it relates to boiler stack heat recovery, as well as a financial benefit for any business type – and household for that matter.

Either of these benefits alone makes a strong argument for training in the various applications of boiler equipment; and when it comes to training for a career in engineering revolved around boilers, TFMCI is a cut above!

Set Your Career Apart with Energy Efficient Know-How

Being a trained professional in the specialized area of the boiler stack heat recovery, will not only help you advance your career – you will be part of a cutting edge industry that is only growing as energy efficient processes continue to rise in demand.

Businesses are endlessly looking for the best practices possible, and as such – seek out individuals with the training who can present such operational efficiencies to them. With the boiler system being a century old, many still operate in an old-school fashion, generating waste heat that could otherwise be utilized with the right understanding through ‘Boiler Stack Heat Recovery Training’.

How To Become a Special Boiler Operator in Alberta

At TFMCI, our Special Boiler Operator Program is intended to provide the basic information on the operating concepts of small, low-pressure power boilers, and covers such areas as:

  • Canadian Standards Association Code – B51 and Safety Codes Act
  • Legislation and Boiler Industry History
  • Basic Thermodynamics
  • Boiler Construction & Design
  • Boiler Fittings & Controls
  • Water Treatment
  • Fuel & Combustion
  • Boiler Operation and Maintenance
  • Building & Plant Safety
  • Fire Protection

Curious to know more? Click here -> Special Boiler Operator’s Curriculum, or contact us for more information on how to get started in the exciting career as a Special Boiler Operator in Alberta!