Workplace Risk Assessment Consultation Services in Canada

Workplace injuries cost both lives and money, which clearly puts Workplace Risk Assessments at a high level of importance.

This is why TFM offers Workplace Risk Assessment Consultation Services, helping businesses across Canada better prevent injuries, and better safeguard against the massive costs associated with them.

On-Site Risk Assessment Consultations and Training in Canada

According to a death and safety report conducted through the University of Saskatchewan, it was noted that “Canadian workers compensation boards reported that 951 workers died due to work-related causes in 2017. This report provides a jurisdictional comparison of work-relatedfatality rates in Canada between 2012 and 2017.”

This is a shocking and sad number of lives lost in one-year alone in Canada, and atTFM, we work to lessen, or ideally – prevent, injuries or deaths due to work-related issues. We do so by…

  • Auditing current company safety systems in place
  • Offering suggestions where a company could implement safety measures
  • Providing standard work instructions to staff in order to increase awareness and safety standards in the workplace
  • Delivering immediate safety systems that management can implement

Did you know that certain industry sectors in Canada are required to have aPower Engineer on the plant premises no less than 7 hours per day? In addition, they are required to have the appropriate certificate of qualification for this role, with a mandate to inspect the plant in accordance with conditions established by a Provincial Safety Manager.

Knowing the current type of supervision requirements the Canadian Government has, along with what level of training is required for your industry, tends to change as disasters happen in other industries. Which is why, having a Workplace Risk Assessment Consultation conducted is important, staying within Canada’s strict business codes and safety measures.

Targeting high-risk industries and occupations include…

  • Ensuring compliance with existing occupational health and safety regulatory frameworks
  • Improving enforcement activities
  • Creating multi-pronged primary prevention initiatives that combine consultation, education and enforcement activities

If you are interested in increasing your workplace safety measures, TFM would be happy to help; protecting your employees from injury while ensuring your company stay operational too!