Why Math is Important for Power Engineers

Regardless of the engineering role you aim to seek employment in, mathematics plays an important part for two basic reasons.

  1. Mathematics involves physical science, and within that – engineering
  2. Mathematics still needs to be understood regardless of computers, in order to relate numbers on a screen to actual problem solving and implementing solutions.

Which is why, at TFM Consultants International, we offer a 6-day Math and Geometry Course to help refresh our student’s memory on some basic math skills necessary for enrolling in our 4th and 5th Class Power Engineering Course, as well as our Refrigeration Operator class.

Because, let’s face it; unless you have been actively using math equations and concepts that you learned in grade 11 and 12, it is unlikely you have retrained the basic principles that will be essential for power engineering. Making our math class a beneficial tutorial to seamlessly apply concepts to our course without confusion or disruption.

5th Class Power Engineer Course Explained

Our 5th Class Power Engineer Course involves learning to maintain, operate and manage both industrial and commercial plants that use boiler and refrigeration equipment.

Across Canada and the Territories, it is only 5th Class Power Engineers who are allowed to operate this type of equipment, making you an essential employee once you have completed this final course in Power Engineering. And as an industry in need of Engineers of this kind, we believe you will find your employment to be rewarding on many levels.


  • Legislation and Boiler Industry History
  • Canadian Standards Association Code – B51
  • Basic Mathematics (Geometry)
  • Basic Sciences (Mechanics)
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electricity
  • Boiler Construction & Design
  • Boiler Fittings & Controls
  • Water Treatment
  • Fuel & Combustion
  • Boiler Operation
  • Pumps & Pump Maintenance
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Compressors
  • Building & Plant Safety
  • Fire Protection
  • Log Books

Curious about our Math Course or 5th Class Power Engineer Course? For additional information about these programs or other services, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at: info@tfmci.com, or call 778-873-1050 or register online here -> VIEW COURSE SCHEDULE

We look forward to helping you advance in your career of choice!