Why Many Are Choosing a Career in Trades in Canada

Many are choosing a career in trades in Canada – and for good reason. As a variety of essential services, the trades industry offers employment that is often uninterrupted and in demand. In addition, trade work offers a great living wage – both to start as well as to advance in, and TFM is here to help you train for the industry!

Choosing a Career in Trades in Canada

Whether you are just starting out in the workforce or you are seeking a career change; choosing a career in trades in Canada is well-worth looking into. Here’s why…

A Wide Variety of Options

Within the trades sector, there are a wide variety of options – over 300 in fact. These include, but are clearly not limited to:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Mechanics
  • Engineers
  • Hairstylists
  • Bakers
  • Landscape Artists
  • …and so much more!

More Affordable + Quicker

Trades schools – like TFM, offer affordable and efficient schooling to complete your trades certificate and get you into the workforce quickly. In addition, the fees associated with a trades certificates are much more affordable over a 4-year degree.

The average Canadian university student can expect to pay $6,463 for tuition in 2020 (the average tuition fee for international students is $28,860). So in addition to having a lower tuition cost, trade schools can typically be completed in two years. This means that pursuing a job in the trades is cheaper and quicker.

Paid Apprenticeships

Getting paid to learn a skill is also an option that many choose. Although there is still in-class training needed, as well as certification required, many still work in real-time while acquiring their trades ticket.

Job Security

Covid-19 taught us a variety of things; one of which being the need for job security. Most trades deliver this as an essential service, making it an ideal career option in the short term, as well as the long run.

Rewarding Career + Great Wage

When your job feels rewarding and you feel properly compensated for your work – it’s a good combination.

Trades delivers excellent wages right from the start, which allows young people getting into trades to quickly see their earning potential.

Finding a Trade that Suits You

As mentioned on Canada.ca

Skilled trades are in high demand, rewarding, and essential to communities across Canada. Choosing a career in the skilled trades gives you the freedom to turn what you love into what you do.

The skilled trades are an exciting career choice and many are in high demand. Career paths in the skilled trades are full of potential, with more than 300 designated trades to choose from in Canada. Of those, 55 can have a Red Seal Trade designation.

Trades Courses in Langley

Curious about our most popular trades courses in Langley? They include…

  • Power Engineering Training
  • Boiler Courses and Training
  • Refrigeration Courses and Training
  • Site Specific Training and Development
  • Equipment Specific Training
  • Operations and Maintenance Training

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