The Top Benefits to On-Site Training

At TFM, we are proud to provide on-site training throughout Canada for companies looking to help their employees grow within their industry, and improve safety procedures throughout.

Although a lot of individuals choose to take courses on their own at a training facility, sometimes business owners will recognize the benefit of on-site training as a means to grow within their industry, gaining a competitive edge to similar industries – not only appealing to competent trades workers, but also to retaining sought after and specialized employees.

The Value of Retaining Trained Employees

It is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to find individuals who are skilled candidates that actually excel at their chosen trade. Which is why, when you have hired trained individuals who are working well within your company, retaining them is paramount to maximizing financial gain within your industry, and creating a consistent flow of quality work and outcomes.

Your Program, Your Way

In addition to the financial, long-term benefits of retaining quality employees, sometimes it is also important for corporations to tailor a course specific to their industry – both with machinery brands, as well as certain policies a company might have in place. Which is where on-site training comes in, offering tailored programs as you see fit.

Private Policies Can Remain That Way

Some companies prefer to guard their policies and company procedures, requiring privacy agreements from their employers. Outside training might require questions that employers don’t want to be asked in an open classroom, so keeping delicate data within an on-site workshop will help keep the floor open in an advantageous learning environment.

At TFM, our on-site training courses can all be tailored to the needs of your industry, within the time-constraints your employees have to advance their education.

Some of the on-site courses we offer include:

  • 5th Class Power Engineer
  • 4th Class Power Engineer
  • Refrigeration Plant Operator
  • Boiler Basic Safety Awareness
  • Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness
  • Boiler Plant Operation and Safety
  • Refrigeration Plant Operation and Safety
  • Maintenance Leadership Development
  • Maintenance for Building Managers
  • Plant Administration-Best Practices

If you think your company could benefit from on-site training, or for more information about how we can help you advance as an industry leader, please contact us or request a quote here on our site!