The Benefits of Power Engineer On-Site Training in Canada

There are many benefits of Power Engineer On-Site Training in Canada, and TFM is here to deliver it to any industry seeking our service.

Whether utilizing our technical facility management services or our custom on-site training courses for your employees, we are available to endless industries Canada-wide.

The Benefits of Localized Training

Our on-site power engineer training can help ensure your staff is up-to-date on their skills, along with the safety measures required for your facility.

By keeping your employees in-house for their training, you can oversee and customize the training to your needs and site requirements. You also have the added flexibility of choosing the days and hours they train.  

As a “third party” organization, we do not have any affiliations with any other company. Which means our services are fully confidentiality regarding your policies, procedures and the status of your systems.

From industry specific training to staff availability, safety to improved skillsets – and more, localized training can help your industry manage ‘business as usual’ in a productive and convenient way.

Power Engineer On-Site Training in Canada

Not only do we offer Power Engineer On-Site Training in Canada, we also provide training for…

  • Refrigeration Plant Operators
  • Boiler Basic Safety Awareness
  • Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness
  • Boiler Plant Operations and Safety
  • Refrigeration Plant Operations and Safety
  • Maintenance Leadership Development
  • Maintenance for Building Managers
  • Plant Administration-Best Practices

As mentioned, we also provide Facility Plant Management Consulting Services, which include…

… holistic technical facility management services focused on the needs of our clients. Our expertise in facility and plant management covers a wide range of industries across Canada -vital to both your and our success, providing useful reports and recommendations.

We deliver preventative maintenance programs, facility operations consulting, and asset management services for facilities that wish to have us come to them. This includes such services as…

  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Special Plant Status audit prep
  • TSBC contractor license QCP’s
  • WorkSafe documentation development
  • Regulatory Compliance Surveys
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Curious to know more about our Power Engineer On-Site Training in Canada? Contact Us with any questions or Request a Quote. We would be happy to help, and assist your industry in growing in areas you deem necessary.