Set Your Company Up for Success with On-Site training

Although most employers expect their employees to have all their certification handled previous to employment; some companies realize the benefit of offering regular on-site raining in order to keep up to industry standards.

These types of employee benefits appeal to the elite trades workers, helping them to advance their career in an environment where they can become further specialized in their field.

Which is why, at TFM Consultants International, we are proud to offer on-site training across Canada, helping companies of many industry-types improve their safety procedures and their employees ability to performed scheduled maintenance, safety checks, and operations in accordance to Canada’s ever-changing requirements, while retaining great employees!

The Cost vs. Benefits of Training Employees to Retain Them

Whether retaining customers or employees, retention is a vital part of any company’s success. Which is why it is often more cost-effective to train your employees on site, than to hire a new employee that may or may not work out in the end.

Investing in your staff will not only help you keep great employees, but it will also make your company appealing to those looking to hire you for whatever service you provide – knowing that your company culture is intact and there isn’t a huge staff turnover.

Privacy and Programs That Serve Your Individual Needs

Privacy is a big deal to most companies – and we respect that. Which is why our training includes privacy agreements.

In addition, our programs are tailored to help your specific industry type, offering specific know-how, industry improvements, safety measures, and providing any new Canada-wide policies that may have come into play, including environmental practices and more.

Our On-Site Courses Include:

  • 5th Class Power Engineer
  • 4th Class Power Engineer
  • Refrigeration Plant Operator
  • Boiler Basic Safety Awareness
  • Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness
  • Boiler Plant Operation and Safety
  • Refrigeration Plant Operation and Safety
  • Maintenance Leadership Development
  • Maintenance for Building Managers
  • Plant Administration-Best Practices
  • …and more

If you think your company could benefit from on-site training, or for more information about how we can help you advance as an industry leader, please contact us or request a quote here on our site!