Secure Your Position as a Refrigeration Plant Operator this Spring: Courses Begin April 12th!

If you are ready to shift careers or make a transition within your career; secure your position this spring with the help of our REFRIGERATION PLANT OPERATOR course starting April 12th!

Refrigeration Plant Operator Career Explained

As a Refrigeration Plant Operator, you will be responsible for overseeing the maintenance and operations of refrigeration equipment, ensuring temperatures are maintained and equipment is operating efficiently.

In addition, you will perform preventative maintenance, plant checks and conduct repairs to the refrigeration room and all other areas of the plant.

Refrigeration Plant Operator Duties Explained

Generally, your duties as a Refrigeration Plant Operator will include…

  • The safe, efficient operations of refrigeration systems
  • Documenting several readings including – temperatures, pressures, ammonia compressor statistics multiple times daily
  • Working closely with other maintenance technicians to support production processes and attend radio calls for machine issues
  • Working as a team with other maintenance technicians to maintain plant machinery during non-production hours
  • Extensive comprehension of equipment schematics

Most industry sectors also seek employees who wish to continuously improve their environment. Part of which includes their own personal growth, as well as a desire to succeed alongside the company they are employed by.

Refrigeration Plant Operator – How to Secure a Position

Our 5th Class Refrigeration Course in Langley is happening April 12, 2021 to April 30, 2021, and is generally a requirement of any industry in order to become a Refrigeration Plant Operator at this level.

If this sounds like the right career move for you, join us! Our in-depth outline of the TFMCI program can be found here -> Refrigeration Plant Operator Power Engineering Curriculum. Classes will run Monday – Friday from 830 – 430 at our conveniently located TFM Training Centre; Unit 206 20167 96 Ave Langley, BC (view map).

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We look forward to helping you advance your career within any of the industries we provide training for, and assisting you in your ongoing success!