Refrigeration Plant Operator Training: 5 Benefits to Choosing a Higher Education

At TFM, we offer a variety of facility operations training to help our students advance in their careers. Our Refrigeration Plant Operator Training is one such class that can help in ways we wanted to share.

5 Benefits to Choosing a Higher Education

Regardless of what type of education you choose to participate in, learning a skill is something you can take with you in life.

Those who choose to increase their knowledge have the opportunity to increase their income, acquire different roles, and improve their lifestyle accordingly.

Other benefits of choosing higher education include…

  1. Personal Development

Learning a skill doesn’t just help you acquire a better paying job, it also helps with personal development. From critical thinking, communication, time management and the ability to present material in new ways; a ‘learning environment’ gives people the opportunity to listen, learn and grow.

2. Career Growth

If you are furthering your training in your current line of employment, you are likely passionate about what you do. As you increase your knowledge, you are also setting yourself up for career growth and leadership roles; passing on your expertise to those around you and having the opportunity to share your passion accordingly.

3. Social Benefits

Working with the same people daily can provide an element of comfort, but getting out of our comfort zones and meeting new and diverse groups of people can help to increase our network, and even grow our friend groups. Our learning environment provides an opportunity to make new connections and increase your social capital.

4. Sense of Accomplishment

Earning your ‘stripes’ – so to speak, offers individuals a sense of accomplishment. It can also bring about added confidence in a skill, as well as a within person overall.

5. Healthier Lifestyle
It might sound odd, but it’s true. Advancing oneself in an education can literally help someone live longer. Some reasons why include offering greater purpose and the financial means to make healthy choices. Whether that involves anything from diet to taking vacation time – or a multitude of other areas that add to a healthy lifestyle.

Refrigeration Plant Operator Training

Ready to start your journey to a higher education? Our REFRIGERATION PLANT OPERATOR (5TH CLASS REFRIGERATION) begins October 17, 2022 at our TFM Training Centre at 20167 96 Avenue in Langley. With only 15 students accepted per class, space is limited. So REGISTER early to secure your spot.

Curious to know more?  Contact us at (778) 873-1050 or by email We look forward to being a part of your personal growth and career advancement!