Power Engineers are Retiring – Uncover Upcoming Courses at TFM to Help You Take Their Place

TFM Consultants International is proud to offer accredited programs, which are designed to teach Power Engineering through instructional sessions, lectures, hands-on experience and review of all textbook learning material to prepare students to write the Technical Safety BC Provincial exam.

Our programs are recognized Canada wide for exceeding industry requirements, and we are excited to be offering some upcoming classes for both Boiler Basic Safety Awareness (Certificate), as well as Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness (Certificate), along with our 5thClass Power Engineering (Boiler).

Not only are these certifications well received in the trades in which they represent; 60-80% of those who are currently in these trades are coming around to retirement age – and you have the opportunity to take their place at the “table”!

Boiler Basic Safety Awareness

The Boiler Basic Safety Awareness Course provides students with an overall look at a boiler and heating plant operation, and explains the requirements of the BC Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulations.

Students are provided with the theory and skills that, when combined with a work-related practicum, allow them to take the interprovincial exams to become certified in Boiler Basic Safety Awareness.

Upon completion of this course, the successful student will have solid practical, theoretical, and technical knowledge in:

  • Boiler safety, history and systems
  • Job Duties
  • Plant Safety
  • Environmental Impacts

Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness

The Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness Course is designed to provide basic knowledge of the safe operation of Refrigeration Plants and emergency procedures to be followed by non-operating personnel. There are no course prerequisites and anyone is welcome to attend. Certification is not mandatory.

Upon completion – student will have practical, theoretical, and technical knowledge in:

  • Refrigeration safety, history and fundamentals
  • Job Duties
  • Plant Safety
  • Environmental Impacts

5thClass Power Engineering

5th Class Power engineers maintain, operate and manage both industrial and commercial plants that use boiler and refrigeration equipment. Only certified Power Engineers are permitted to operate such equipment across all Canadian provinces and territories, which makes our program the perfect fit to begin replacing those who are retiring out of these positions.

If you want additional information in these exciting career fields, don’t hesitate to contact us via email info@tfmci.com or call 778-873-1050.

We look forward to helping you achieve your goals in the coming year!