Minnesota Special Engineers Textbook Completed

TFM and American Technical Publishers to introduce a new Special Engineers textbook.

The new textbook was introduced at a special meeting in Minneapolis/St Paul by a combined team from the American Technical Publishers Mr. Jon Gosee, Editor in Chief, and Mr. Eric Borreson, Senior Technical Editor and from TFM Consultants International Mr. Lou Roussinos President and Mr. Raymond Kolbuch, Vice President Training and Curriculum Development.

The new textbook is now completed and are being readied for production. The textbook is in full colour and it includes a CD with much additional information, example examination questions and an interactive learning platform. The new Special Engineer textbook was immediately lauded as a huge success by the participants and it is expected to be on sale through the TFM website by the end of September 2011.

A number of other textbooks and supplements for power engineers, stationary engineers, boiler and refrigeration operators for the USA and Canada are being prepared and will be published over the next year.