Jumpstart Your Power Engineering Career with TFM’s Online Courses

Deciding to further your education is a great way to boost your skills and knowledge. Moreover, with more education comes greater job opportunities or the ability to enter into a new industry altogether. At TFM Consultants International, we proudly offer power engineering courses online and in person. Online power engineering courses, in particular, are a great option for those looking to upgrade their skills without uprooting their lives, as you don’t need to relocate to achieve further education. Whether you’re a local here in British Columbia or located across the country in Eastern Canada, TFM is here to help you advance your career in power engineering with our online courses. Continue reading to learn more about TFM’s online power engineering program and other courses we offer. 

Our Virtual Academy Welcomes You! 

At TFM Consultants International, we make it easy for you to increase your skills and knowledge through our online courses. Our online and in-person courses provide you with identical instruction, which means that regardless of how you pursue further education with TFM, you will receive the same quality content and training. Moreover, our accredited programs are designed to teach power engineering through lectures, instructional sessions, textbook learning materials, and hands-on experience (in-person only). However, it’s important to note that we are not a testing facility but a testing preparedness facility. After which, you will be well-prepared to write your Technical Safety BC Provincial Exam. With the help of TFM’s online courses, you can kickstart your career in power engineering in as little as 3-4 weeks. So what are you waiting for? Register for TFM’s next online course or seminar today! 

TFM’s Online Power Engineering Courses and More

Since 1997, TFM has trained hundreds of facility technicians, from 5th Class Boiler and Refrigeration Operators to 1st Class Power Engineers and more! Our accredited programs are recognized industry-wide for being some of Canada’s best online and in-person courses. In addition to our range of power engineering courses, TFM proudly offers a range of other online courses, including the following:

  • Refrigeration Plant Operator
  • Boiler Basic Safety Awareness
  • Refrigeration Basic Safety Awareness
  • Boiler Plant Operation and Safety
  • Refrigeration Plant Operation and Safety
  • Maintenance Leadership Development
  • Maintenance for Building Managers
  • Plant Administration-Best Practices

If you’re ready to advance your career by entering a new industry, TFM is here to help! Whether you’re looking to advance your current career in power engineering or start a new job in Refrigeration Plant Operations, Building Maintenance or something else, TFM has online courses to help you get started. 

Ready to Enroll?

For over two decades, TFM has been providing outstanding services and education. Our training facility in Langley, BC, features power engineering specialists and facilities management consultants. Moreover, each one of our instructors has several years of industry experience and knowledge. With a range of power engineering courses online and in-person, TFM makes starting or upgrading your career simple and accessible! Contact us today to learn more about our upcoming online power engineering courses and seminars.