The Importance of Thermodynamics in the Workplace

Reducing energy expenditures and implementing eco-friendly endeavors has become a big part of business, and having systems in place and employees who can implement and/or maintain those systems is therefore paramount.

Which is where the importance of thermodynamics in the workplace comes in, and why our course within this area was designed. It will help to assist those who are enrolling in the 5th Class Power Engineering, Refrigeration Operator and 4th Class Power Engineering courses, giving them basic knowledge that will go a long way.

What is Thermodynamic?

Thermodynamics pertains to the relationship between energy and temperature, and finding ways to make the most efficient use of that energy in order to heat or cool a space.

The word itself comes from the Greek word ‘thermo’ meaning hot, and ‘dynamis’ meaning power.

The Laws of Thermodynamics

There is actually a governing, universal law to thermodynamics, which is: energy can neither be created nor destroyed. But that does not mean energy cannot be manipulated in different ways in order for it to be effective and/or efficient. Which is part of what we’ll discuss in our Thermodynamics Course.

Basics in Thermodynamics Course Explained

We offer a Basics in Thermodynamics Course to help instill knowledge that is mandatory in order to complete any of the power engineering courses available through TFMCI or other colleges and training organizations.

This is a 6-day tutorial that reviews the very basics of physics and mechanics in order to enable students to feel comfortable and up-to-date when attending 5th or 4th Class Power Engineering courses and assist these students who are having difficulty with the basic science of thermodynamics.

This course will assist on many levels of workplace efficiencies, helping to better understand refrigeration cycles and the processes therein, latent heat, compressors and other areas that pertaining to the operations within building and machinery maintenance.

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