The Importance of Risk Assessment Consulting

Risk assessment is a vast undertaking for most industries, and having staff on-site who are trained in risk assessment is pretty rare despite its high level of importance. Which is why TFM Consulting International would like to share with industry leaders ‘The Importance of Risk Assessment Consulting’.

The Unfortunate Reality of Workplace Accidents

The recent tragic ammonia incident in Fernie has many companies looking at what type of systems they have in place to guard against workplace death or injuries. Which is where TFM would like to help you begin to audit your systems, spearhead safety measures, offer standard work instructions to staff, and unveil further safety systems to management.

The Benefits of Risk Assessment Consulting

Did you know that a company, operating under the risk assessed status plant category, must, as a minimum, have a Power Engineer with the appropriate certificate of qualification on the premises of the plant no less than 7 hours per day? As well, they are required to inspect the plant in accordance with conditions established by a Provincial Safety Manager

Knowing what type of supervision, and what level of training class that is required for your industry, tends to change as disasters happen in other industries, so having an outside source come in to assess your needs is vital to staying within Canada’s strict business codes and safety measures.

Understanding the Minimum Schedule of Controls

As boilers, pressure vessels, and refrigeration plants vary to a great extent in individual design and operational features, it is not possible to list the exact type, make or model of automatic controls and other electronic monitoring devices needed to safeguard all installations. Which is another area TFM will come in to assess your needs and ensure you have all safety controls in place.

How to Ensure Your Plant Audit is Successful

There are minimum requirements for Special Plant Registration, but depending on the location, age of the plant, employees experience and technology, your audit requirements may vary.

Which is why a consultation is important to complete before an audit takes place to better ensure success. Something we are here to help you handle, aiming to further your safety measures in keeping your staff safe, as well as keep your business running accident-free and operational for years to come!