The Importance of Proper Boiler Water Treatment

It goes without saying that on-the-job safety is vital for the success and longevity of any company. Ensuring your employees are working amidst a safe environment is imperative for everyone, so having trained individuals operating your systems is (or should be) top priority, and why TFMCI promotes such safety through various Boiler Safety courses.

Understanding the Importance of Well-Balanced Water Chemistry

Whether you are a seasoned Boiler Operator in Canada, or are looking to become one, it should be known that well-balanced water chemistry is critical, and involves endlessly checking up on your water makeup, feed water, condensate, and the overall quality of the boiler water to keep all systems running smoothly.

High-Pressure Boilers and the Importance of Treated Water

All water contains impurities, and when it comes to generating steam in a high-pressure boiler system, these impurities are critical factors that need to be cared for to ensure smooth operations and efficiency. Proper water boiler treatment will help maintain site safety, and better ensure the intended longevity of your site’s equipment.

TFMCI has come to recognize the growing need for Boiler Safety Awareness Courses, which is why we offer a 1-Day Seminar on the subject.

Boiler Basic Safety Awareness Course Explained

Our one-day course is designed to provide basic knowledge of safe operation of heating plants and emergency procedures to be followed by non-operating personnel, and is intended to teach those with little or no experience the basics of building heating systems plant theory, operation and plant safety, and includes such topics as…

  • Legislation and boiler industry history
  • Canadian Standards Association Code B51 – General discussion on the requirements of the Code
  • Types of boilers and processes
  • Description of typical steam and hot water heating systems
  • System start-up and shut-down
  • Emergency shut-down of boiler equipment
  • Signs and operating procedures
  • Safety relief piping and valves
  • Computer monitoring and controls
  • Duties and responsibilities of a Basic Safety Awareness Certificated person
  • Safe practices and safety equipment in a boiler plant
  • Fire protection equipment and classes of fires
  • …and more

Plant safety should be a #1 priority for any business – and we’re here to help you ensure your staff is well trained and capable of handling the risk management aspect of their job.

Curious to know more? Contact us at: or call (778) 873-1050 and allow us to help you and your staff stay safe!