The Importance of Consulting Services for Trades In Canada

At TFM Consultants International Ltd, we are proud to provide technical facility management services to help industry leaders advance in their field, and promote better business practices throughout their company.

Our expertise falls within in facility and plant management, covering a wide range of industries across Canada, allowing us to provide reports and recommendations that we go through in detail with our clients, assisting in their success on multiple levels.

As a third-party organization, we hold no affiliations with any other competing industries, which allows us to provide full confidentiality on the status of your systems, securing your immediate processes without concern.

Our Consulting Services Includes:

  • PLANT STATUS CLASSIFICATION AUDIT PREPARATION …helping you to achieve “General Supervision Status” or “Risk Assessment Plant Status”.
  • STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES AND STANDARD WORKING INSTRUCTIONS TRAINING MANUALS …offering a comprehensive method to gather data on equipment and systems within your facility, delivering thorough on-site walk-through reviews, informal staff interviews, and reviewing equipment specifications to produce customized SOP’s and SWI’s specific to your facility.
  • PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT FOR NEW OR EXISTING FACILITIES …assisting with collecting and organizing all information while providing a plan that will meet your organizations requirements, while measuring its effectiveness.
  • SITE ASSESSMENTS & TECHNICAL AUDITS …providing site assessments and technical audit reports of your facility’s equipment and systems, in order to establish current overall facility ‘health’.
  • FACILITY PROJECTS MANAGEMENT …delivering facility project management services in areas identified in our initial site assessments and/or from clients existing budgetary plans.

Our consultation services also help with document reviews, offer best practice procedures to save you time and minimize mistakes, reduce training costs overall, support quality control, all while working with your site staff to create operational budgets and long term capital plans for your facility.

Curious to know more about our Consulting Services? Call 778-873-1050 for more information. We look forward to helping you turn your facility operational budgets and capital planning into a productive and proactive action plan for 2020, ensuring safety regulations are met and operations are exceeded!