Enhance Your Employability with NAFA Certification

Employability plays a huge role in landing the job you desire, and part of that involves understanding your personal attributes, your chosen career preferences, along with the training required to land the position you want. Which is where we come in to ‘Enhance Your Employability with NAFA Certification’!

What is a NAFA Certified Technician?

NAFA is a 100-question, open book exam that allows Air Filter Service Technicians to enhance their skills within the realm of installation, operation and maintenance of air filtration systems.

Those looking to get into, or those who are already employed as a Building Operations Manager, are both excellent candidates for this course.

What Does the NAFA Course Teach?

The NAFA Certified Technician Accreditation provides trainees with a well-rounded understanding of various air filter types and functions within HVAC systems, in addition to installation and maintenance abilities.

The course is quite extensive, and includes such things as…

  • The basic principles of air filtration, their purposes and the different types of air filters by their numbers – called minimum efficiency reporting values
  • Mathematics is also involved in helping students understand the formula Q=VA, as it applies to HVAC movement through a filter
  • Basic airflow through an HVAC system is also taught in terms of understanding how the air filter affects flow and pressure in the system, and general rules for upgrading filter efficiency and/or system retrofit
  • Air filter framing systems including:

Built-up filter bank using holding frames

Modular framing systems using prefabricated aluminum extrusion

Media blanket framing using different fastening systems

Prefabricated side-load filter housings

Walk-in plenums

Automatic roll filters

In addition, the NAFA course will further your knowledge base in areas of: Electronic Air Cleaners, Gas Phase Filters, Air Filter Pressure and overall safety.

Whether you are looking to get into a career in Building Operations, or you desire to advance your career in Building Operations – the NAFA Certified Technician Accreditation will offer you advanced and well-rounded knowledge of the aforementioned areas, helping you get into a competitive and potentially lucrative career choice, separating yourself from the competition in very little time and with a minimal budget!